10 Helpful Sephora Tips

I am going to tell you a little secret.  I am 35 years old and I just stepped into Sephora a few weeks ago.  I can hear the collective gasp across cyberspace.  Can I tell you why?  I was intimidated.  A whole store of beauty products and I am a novice when it comes to beauty products and how to properly apply them.  I once had a bad encounter with a beauty consultant at an NYC department store and ever since then, I have been a bit embarrassed and intimidated about buying and applying makeup!

However, over the last year, I have adopted the mantra of “why not?”  Why not learn how to apply makeup, why not go into a store and learn, why not?  So, I knew just the person to ask and hold my hand during my first Sephora shopping adventure — my sister.  Not only, was my first experience amazing, it won’t be my last visit.   My sister taught me so many insider secrets and tips that I knew I had to share them all with you.  So, today I am sharing you 10 of her best Sephora tips!  After this post, you are going to want to go shopping there too.

10 Sephora Insider Tips

1 – Do not be intimidated

Sephora is full of brand-name beauty products and is very similar to the beauty counter area of a department store.  They also carry skin care and their own line of beauty accessories.  Just walk in and take a tour for yourself.

2- Ask for help

Sephora has many helpful employees who are experts in their field.  The best way to learn is to ask for their wisdom and help.  From color-matching to helping you find the perfect product for your price-point, they are there to help.  I recently started using glow-tion after it was recommended to me and it’s now my favorite product I use.

3 – Ask for a sample in a product you want to try

They will give you a sample to take home.  If they don’t have a pre-packaged one, you can try it on right there or they can make you a little sample to go.  If you aren’t sure which foundation you like best, ask for a couple of samples to try before you commit to buy!

4 – Ask for a sample at checkout

If your cashier doesn’t put samples in your bag, ask for them.  They always have some. If you shop online, they always give you 4 samples with your order. Samples are great to take on overnight trips or put in your purse or gym bag and a great way to test new-to-you products.

5 – Check out the Travel-size version

I wanted to try the two-faced waterproof mascara and they had a travel-size version.  They carry several products in the travel-size, not only are they more compact, you can try and decide if you like a product without such a large investment.  Travel-size options might be next to the regular size product as well as by the check-out, there is a large display of travel-size options.  I got a travel-size dry shampoo because you still need that on vacation ;)!

6 – Sephora’s Picks are on the End Caps

Sephora highlights their favorite picks for all categories of makeup from foundation to eye line to blush on their end caps.

7 – Check out the Seasonal Box Sets

The box sets are a perfect way to get more bang for your buck and try out new products.  They also make awesome gifts for your friends and family.  They have a variety of themes from skincare to eye make-up.

8 – Sign up for the Insiders Club

You will earn points every time you shop as well as a birthday bonus gift.  They also share great tips, deals and FREE classes they offer at your local Sephora.

9 – Sephora has 2-day shipping

You will love that Sephora offers their own 2-day “flash shipping” for online orders.  Plus, remember they send you samples :).

10 – Look for Value Sets

I love carrying roller ball perfumes with me in my purse and gym bag.  I bought a value box of perfume samples for $35 and got a $30 voucher for a roller ball of my choice.  So, basically, I walked away with free samples and a $5 discount on the roller ball I wanted.  Ask a Sephora employee for other value set options!


I went from intimidated to infatuated after one trip with my sister.  Tell me, have you been to Sephora?  If you have tips, please share in the comments so we can all learn. Do you have any favorite beauty products?  Now, we can also shop with purpose on our next visit.


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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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