Vera’s 1st Haircut…

I have a wonderful hair stylist, Natalie…she really is a gift in the hair department :)!  She and I also work out together so I asked if she could fit in a quick Vera cut while my highlights were percolating and she said “YES!” so Scott brought her in.  She didn’t say a word (typical) and sat like an angel, following directions and everything.  Natalie and I were both impressed for her first cut.  She thought she was hot stuff being like mommy!  Natalie just trimmed the back up to be a bob.  I didn’t get a final pic because V left and went home to nap and it was a crazy hot mess when I got home :)!

I see many salon dates in our future…we are just waiting for her hair to start laying to the side by itself.  She has fine hair just like her momma so it will take some training :)!  Until then, we will do the little side pony holding back the hairs mommy doesn’t want to turn into bangs.  Mommy has bad memories of her own bangs so no bangs for Vera!

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