Friday Favorites: Cleaning, Recaps, Giveaway, and Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-up…

Today I am linking up with some other bloggers (AndreaErika Narci ) for Friday Favorites sharing my Friday Favorites.  If you are visiting from one of their sites, welcome.  If it’s your first time here, you can read more about me here

Today I’ve got recaps, a giveaway, a gratitude challenge, Wal-Mart Grocery pick-up and a fall cleaning checklist…so sit back and read on!

Halloween Recap & October in Pictures

Check out how we celebrated Halloween and a Recap of our October.

#21daysofseeingthesmall Campaign

Check out the post here to jump on the train to train our hearts to be grateful. #21daysofseeingthesmall
Do you have any ways you foster gratitude in your home.  I would love to know your tips and will be featuring some favorites on Friday, November 18th.  Check out this post for more details.
F & F Clothing Giveaway

Check out this post about my recent window shopping trip to the new F & F Clothing @ Hy-Vee.  Enter to win a $100 gift card to check it our yourselves.
Wal-Mart Pick-up

I have had some busy weeks and so I sat down in the evening while watching the World Series with my husband and meal planned and wrote out a grocery list, then headed to the computer to order my groceries on Wal-Mart online.  I like ordering my groceries online because I can see my total and modify to stay within budget and I am less likely to add “extra” items to my cart.  Now I still forget things just like I do in store!

Once my cart is full, I simply book a time when I am going to be on that side of town and book a one-hour time slot I can stop by and pick them up!

They have a Wal-Mart grocery app that I downloaded.  When I was ready to pick-up during my time slot, I simply clicked that I was ready to pick up in the app and it alerted the store.  I parked in one of the designated pick-up parking spots and in less than a minute, an associate was walking out my groceries.

They walked up to my window, asked where I wanted my groceries stowed, handed me my eggs after checking them and then alerted me of the substitutions they made.  I could accept or decline them and then signed for my groceries.  When they finished, they came back to my window with a little first time gift (pictured above).  
Psst, I heard you can buy toys, home goods, etc with this service – forgot a birthday gift, consider it done and picked up by tomorrow!
You can use this link for $10 off your first purchase and fear not, if you have tried it before, you can still use this code REALEASY for $10 off a $50 purchase.  Have you tried it?  What do you think?  It’s a favorite here.

Can I get an amen?  AMEN! 
A clean home is a favorite but fleeting.  I have an itch to clean out as we prepare to host and decorate for the season.  I have been tackling these things day by day.  I have picked days where I don’t have much going on to tackle a day’s list so it’s taken us a few weeks to accomplish!  If I won the lottery I would hire a cleaning lady FIRST.
Day 1- Clothing Purge
  • This is best done when everyone is home so you can try on 
  • Pull out all clothing one drawer at a time
  • only place back in what fits
  • If its not in season, either hang in the back of the closet or stow away
  • Create a bin for Salvation Army donations, a trash bag and a bin for anything you want to save for a consignment store (generally they only take items that are in season)
  • Go through hanging clothes 

Day 2 & 3 – Dusting/Wipe Down

  • I split this into days because I have a 2 story home so I did one floor one day and another floor another day.
  • Wipe – down all cabinets with a antibacterial microfiber cloth (I use Norwex and the polishing cloth).
  • Wipe-down all solid surface counters 
  • Wipe-down all appliances
  • Clean all interior sides of windows
  • Wipe-down all baseboards 
  • Dust shelving, baseboards, stairways
  • Dust fan blades
  • Dust all lighting fixtures you can reach safely
  • Dust window blinds (I use a microfiber dust mitt like this)
  • Brush off lamp shades and wash any decor that seems grimy.
Day 4 & 5 – Normal Cleaning
  • Clean bathrooms: counters, mirrors, toilets and tubs/showers
  • Clean kitchen
  • Wipe outlet covers, light switches, hanging fixtures, handles, lighting fixtures
  • Vacuum
  • Mop floors
Day 6 – Toys Purge
  • Go through your children’s toys and place any unused toys in a bin (hang on to them for a little bit to see if they ask about them) and then seek out places to donate toys for Christmas.  Local shelters, food pantries, etc.  
  • You could include your children on this activity and allow them to pick toys for other kids who may or may not have toys this Christmas.

Day 7 – Exterior
  • Put away all exterior furniture 
  • Clear garden and till dirt
  • Sweep out garage 
  • Put everything back in its place in the garage
  • Sort toys and throw away anything broken
  • Purge any unused toys
  • Put away grill and mower
  • Prepare for winter by pulling out sleds and snow blower
  • Windows you can reach (ugh I have yet to master the 2nd floor windows)
And just like that you will be ready for holiday guests and winter!  I don’t do many of these items nearly enough so it’s good to do them with the changing of the seasons.   What do you to prepare your home for the holidays?  Any special tasks you hope to get done?

Basketball season is coming…

Coach Lucy is working us hard to get us in tip-top cheering shape!  Basketball hopefully will prove less heart-wrenching than football season!
Happy Weekend you guys — thanks for stopping by!
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