5 Simple Tips to Cleanup After the Holidays

After a whirlwind holiday weekend, I don’t know about you, but all I want to do is take a giant nap.  I did and it was glorious but when I woke up my house was in need of a little post-holiday organization.  I find that even though I want to ignore the clutter, it’s best to just take care of it in a timely manner so it doesn’t take up visual and mental clutter.

There are 5 simple tasks you can do after any holiday that help your home to feel more organized and help you get back into a good routine.

1 – Organize the Gifts

Before you know it, it will be a week (or a month) and the Easter basket is still sitting on the counter adding to the visual clutter.  Pile the candy into a community candy bowl, have the kids put the toys in their rightful home, throw any trash away and stow away the baskets for next year.


2 – Put the Candy out of Sight

After you put the candy in a community bowl or jar, place it in a pantry or cupboard out of sight.  It’s amazing how much less candy I eat when I can’t see it.  The general rule of thumb we use around here is a piece of candy in the lunchbox and one after dinner.


3 -Organize and Store the Decor

Go around the house and collect all the seasonal decor you no longer want to be displayed and place it on a counter or table.  Then, grab a bin and store it away.  If there is any decor you didn’t use this year or you no longer want, deal with it now (if you haven’t already).  Make sure to label the bin with what season it is so that it’s easy to find next year.

4 – Organize a Meal Plan using Holiday Leftovers

If you hosted or your mom insisted you take half the ham home, work the leftovers into your meal plan.  If you aren’t sure how to make ham new again 3 days in a row, check out Pinterest for some inspiration.  We are slowly working our way through 36 hard-boiled eggs here so we have deviled eggs, Cobb salads and avocado, and egg toast on the menu this week.  An extra bonus will be saving some cash that you might have already spent on extra holiday necessities!

Shop the Simple Purposeful Meal Planner here and start meal planning in 7 simple steps (read here).


5 – Unpack and Clean-up Right Away

Trust me, you will thank yourself later if you deal with the luggage and laundry now rather than later.  If you hosted, strip the sheets your guests used, wash the towels, stow away the guest toiletry caddy and do the dishes.  Getting your home back in order will help you get back into a routine feeling ahead rather than behind.


Organizing and dealing with clutter in a timely manner means it won’t be sitting in your brain’s to do list and you will feel less stressed.  Sometimes, it’s just making yourself do it and getting it done.  You will be so happy you took the time to do it now rather than later.  Set a timer for 20 minutes and see how much you can get done!


What other tasks do you like to take care of right away after a holiday?  
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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!
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