A few more from our trip to AZ…

Recently I was trying to get a little something something done on the computer and gave Lucy my phone for a hot second because she loves it and wouldn’t you know she drooled right into it and it died…right? I know don’t let babies near your phones!  So all that to say I have been collecting a few photos from different people to make sure I got all the photos I wanted to document!  I missed a few on my last post, so hey better late then never is my mantra lately :)…

So let’s take a look at AZ one more time! Encore Encore!

While at the western town of Rawhide — Grandpa and Solon found out you could buy sour cream and onion crickets…we always say we will try anything once.  We all took a try and they were crunchy and needed a water to wash them down but not bad really ;)!

And I took a spin on the log!  My dad and Solon were going to take a spin after me but the helmet and the spinning made them chicken out.  I managed to stay on for a while but I think the guy took it easy on me ;)! I was ready to get off when I was thrown…but I love to act like a kid every once in a while!

and we managed to get a good family photo at sunset!  Where my parents are staying is in this mountainous/hilly area and the sunsets and views are down right beautiful!  God is so unique in all of his creating from our trip to the beach in February to our trip to the dessert in March :)!

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