Meet Quincy James Port

On Tuesday, February 26th I woke up knowing it would be a crazy day, Solon and Vera both had dental procedures and they also had parent-teacher conferences that night with a slew of the regular everyday activities in between.  It would be a full day for sure.

When I finally sat down to check my email after I got Lucy tucked in for her afternoon nap, I saw an email from our social worker.  I wasn’t surprised because, in a fit of impatience, I had shot her an email the day before.  The wait was getting to me!

I popped open the email and quickly scanned it, knowing most likely there would be no news.  Her email read, “There hasn’t been any movement since I talked to you BUT today I just received the file of a little boy.   I wanted to send you his file to view, would that be ok?”

All I could muster up as my heart raced was “sure”.  I wanted to call Scott but he was in a meeting with the CEO of his company so I just texted, “call me when you can” and prayed.  Prayed that we would know what to do, prayed that this was our son, and I also tried not to cry.

It was time to take Solon to his dental procedure so off we went.  Then, there sitting in the middle of the dentist’s waiting room, the email arrived and my whole world changed.

I saw my son for the first time.  I called Scott and we tried to talk in code as I was in the waiting room of the dentist’s office after all. I was sweating through my shirt and pretty much just trying to hold it together.  I am not sure what I said or did or if I even paid my bill (but they know where to find me).

We had parent-teacher conferences that night so we scheduled a phone meeting with our social worker for right afterward.  Right before she called I asked Scott what we should tell her.  We had 24 hours to decide.  I knew this was our son but he usually likes a little time to think through things so I wanted to give him his time.  He responded with, “I don’t think my answer will change between now and tomorrow, that’s our son.”

So, at 7:36 pm on February 26th we said Yes, Quincy James Port is our son.  Shortly after, we went upstairs and during family prayer time where we had prayed for him as a family for nearly 20 months, we pulled up a photo and said meet your new brother.  There were cheers, tears and lots of oohs and ahs.

We now have our official letter of acceptance and mailed in our immigration paperwork.  We hope to travel early this summer to bring home our baby boy.  Just thinking about it makes me tear up again.  It’s been such a journey, it’s been hard and we have had to fight through the fear, doubt and unknown but made it to this point and I still can’t believe it.

I have been walking around in a haze for over a week pretending my whole world hasn’t changed.  I have wanted to scream it from the rooftops and now that it’s official, we can :).

God has had his hand on Quincy from the very beginning, knitting us together in a story only he could write.  Now, I am focusing on that moment where they place him in my arms and I hold him tight and say, momma has you and you are so loved.  Thanks for sharing in this journey with us and praying for him.  We are so thankful.


Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.
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