10 Best Products to Buy at Aldi

Aldi finally opened just down the street from my house.  I knew there was a loyal following and I have to say I have joined the fold.  It turns out the hype is real, Aldi has some pretty delicious foods for a fraction of the price.  My wallet and my belly are happy about that.  Since it’s the holiday season and we are all doing a whole lot of hosting,  I thought I would share some of of Aldi’s best products so your wallet and belly can be happy too!

10 Products to Buy at Aldi

1. Gourmet Cheeses & Meats

Who doesn’t love a charcuterie board and they are pretty easy to put together for a holiday gathering.  Aldi has the best selection of gourmet cheeses at an affordable price.  My husband is a cheese connoisseur and they all pass his taste test.  Some of our favorites include the Havarti ($2.99), aged white cheddar ($2.49) and garlic & herb goat cheese ($1.99).

I also picked up a couple boxes of fondue ($5.49 a package).  Cut up some bread, melt the cheese and dip away. It takes me back to my swiss childhood.  It makes a great appetizer or meal.

2. Baking Supplies

Tis’ the season for some serious baking and Aldi has a great selection of the basics from flour to sugar. Not to mention, organic and specialty sugars for a fraction of the price.  I picked up brown sugar for 89 cents.  I also picked up almond bark ($2.69) and cocktail peanuts ($1.89) to make some peanut clusters. 

3. Eggs, Milk & Butter

Eggs and milk are notoriously inexpensive at Aldi.  I picked up several dozen eggs because they were only 49 cents a dozen.  You can feed a lot of people at that price.  Gallons of milk usually run $1.49 and butter is around $1.50.  

4. Holiday Themed Foods 

No matter the season, Aldi has the cutest holiday-themed food items.  For Christmas, I picked up some red and green tortilla chips ($1.99) and the cutest little snowman graham cracker snack bags ($1.99 for 12 mini bags).  I heard the peppermint mocha creamer is amazing!

5. Diapers & Wipes

Diapers and wipes are how I got hooked on Aldi.  Even when we didn’t have one close, I would go and stock up on diapers and wipes.  A 100 pack of size 3 diapers cost me $10.99 and the quality is great.  

6. Seasonal Section

Now, you don’t go to Aldi for this section but this is the section that gets you every time.  The section includes home decor, seasonal candles, kitchen accessories, and toys to name a few.  It’s always changing and the items are great quality and a steal of a deal.  If you want to save money, avoid this aisle.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

7. Fresh Produce

Aldi usually has FANTASTIC prices on fresh produce.  If you go for nothing else, go for that.  The quality is excellent as well.  They also have an awesome selection of organic produce for a steal of a deal.

8. Baked Goods

From the cheesecake to their triple chocolate cake, I haven’t bought one baked good I didn’t like from them.  If you are hosting a party and need a quick dessert, go to Aldi and pick something up and then plate it on your own platter.  

9.  Candies

Looking for a little something to put with a gift card or take as a hostess gift?  Check out Aldi’s selections of candies from the salted chocolate covered caramels to peanut butter cups, and cocoa truffles.  Need I say more?

10.  Allergy-Friendly Foods

Several people in our online community mentioned Aldi having the largest variety in nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free products.  We love their almond milk and simply balanced applesauce pouches.  

A Few Helpful Tips…

Aldi is also owned by Trader Joe’s, another favorite store of mine.  Aldi is all about great quality at affordable prices which I love.  Don’t forget your quarter to “rent” your cart and your own bags or you can buy a bag at the checkout for 10 cents.  You bag your own groceries but I like that so I can sort my groceries which makes it easier when I get home.

If you haven’t been, you need to go check it out. They have so many great pre-made options as well which helps make mealtime more simple on purpose. Speaking of which, check out this post with 7 simple meals from Aldi and grocery list.  

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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