Custom Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

Closet organization makes me very very happy. There I said it. Closets are the unsung hero of any house and also can be the most underutilized. Builders often just put in minimal wire shelves that don’t really maximize a closet’s potential. So, let’s chat bedroom closet organization ideas today, sounds fun to me!

erin in organized closet

Help Underutilized Closets Reach Their Full Organized Potential

In our last house, we ripped out some of the wire shelving when our girls started sharing a room and we need to make room for two budding fashionistas. See what we did here.

We also turned an underutilized front coat closet in our first two homes into a toy closet by adding more shelves. Read more about that here. I loved that idea so much, I purposely added some built-ins in our living room and a dedicated walk-in closet for toys in our basement family room.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call in the Closet Experts

So, when we started building our new home, I knew I wanted to make sure I was intentional about designing each bedroom’s closets. Our master closet isn’t huge but we maximized every square inch and there’s room to grow into it as needed. A girl always needs another handbag or pair of shoes, am I right?

I solicited the help of my friend Erica, from a local company called The Kitchen and Bath Company. They specialize in designing custom closet organizer systems that include shelving and drawers.

We started the design process with these 3 questions –

  1. What do I store currently in my closets?
  2. What would I additionally like to store in my closets?
  3. What features did I want to include?

So, do you want to see what we came up with? Let’s start with the master bedroom, shall we?

Master Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

I knew I wanted it to be light and bright so we went with white built-in closet organization systems. My husband and I share our closet so we need zones for his things and zones for mine.

As you can see, in the above photo we gave him space for all of his clothes plus a fun feature, a tie and belt rack that is affixed to the side of the closet system. It slides in and out for easy access. No more wrinkled, falling ties.

Next up, I have a variety of jewelry and know if I see it and access it easily I am much more likely to wear it. So, we incorporated two more tie racks on my side but we used one as a long necklace holder and the other to hold some of my frequently used handbags and belts.

Then, we added a specialized jewelry organization drawer. Perfect for my smaller necklaces, earrings and most used bracelets as you can see below.

jewelry organization drawer in closet
sweater organization master closet

Next up, shoe storage! We added these built-ins below the window to take advantage of an otherwise wasted space. I turned one shoe forward and the other backward so I could fit more shoes on the shelves.

I keep flip flops in a bin at the top of our closet when they are out of season and in a basket in the closet in the summer for easy access.

pants closet organization

Do you tend to wear the same jeans over and over again? Me too until I added this pants rack. It slides out and I have instant access to all my pants, let’s be honest, mostly jeans. No more wrinkles and it’s easy to store them away.

There’s additional shelf storage for things like sweaters and sweatshirts that store best folded up. Along with concealed storage for out of season items like long underwear and swimsuits.

Stowable closet mirror

Scott uses all the dresser space in our master bedroom which is fine by me because we had these soft-close drawers added to my zone for things like t-shirts, unmentionables, athletic wear and pajamas!

Last but certainly not least, might be my favorite feature we added to the closet. The stow-able mirror. You can pull it out to make sure you are ready to go and then slide it back and stow it away when you don’t need it.

My Must Have Master Bedroom Closet Organization Features

  • Stow-able full length mirror
  • Jewelry Organization Drawer
  • Tie & Belt Rack
  • Long Necklace Rack
  • Built-in drawers
  • Pants Rack
  • His & Hers Zones
  • Dedicated Shoe Storage
  • Out of Season Concealed Storage

Kid’s Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

Now, it’s time to head to the kid’s bedrooms. Not only do our kid’s store their clothing in their closets, I also keep their book collections, extra bed linens and special memento boxes in there as well. We kept those must-haves in mind as we designed their spaces.

First up, our oldest daughter’s walk-in closet. She’s a budding artist so in lieu of a dresser in her room we opted for a large desk for her to create! So, we added built-in drawers to her closet. We also made space for her momentos, extra bed linens and quilts and her hanging clothes.

All of our kids, currently keep their shoes in bins by the back door so no need for shoe storage in their bedroom closets.

Next up, our youngest son’s room. He has a bed and dresser set so we opted for these open wire shelves for things like extra diapers, blankets and stuffed animal storage.

While our daughter’s don’t have many long dresses at the moment we wanted to make sure our kid’s closets grew with them as they matured so we made space for future needs.

We added a few baskets for special bedroom toys and hung her boy holder as well. Read more about that project here. We even added a little cozy reading nook in the hanging clothes side for now that she loves to hide out in!

Our oldest son is obsessed with LEGO and it’s stumped me for years how to display and store his sets and extra pieces. We added a large walk-in closet with 3 sets of shelves to display his creations and rainbow bins to sort his legos by color.

In the back of his closet, he also has room for hanging clothes as he grows and room for his book library.

So There You Have It…

A tour of some of the most thought out spaces in our home. We wanted them to work with us now and grow with us over time. We have that with the flexibility and built-in function of these closet organization systems.

A fun perk of pretty closets, is we want to go in there and also keep it clean and clutter- free so I find myself being way more diligent about decluttering (read more about how to do that here) and organized (read my closet organization steps here).

If you are local to the midwest and interested in inviting an expert into design your dream closet. It’s not as expensive as you would think and it’s worth every penny in my opinion. Contact the Kitchen & Bath Company here!

**Thank you to the Kitchen & Bath Company for partnering with Simple Purposeful Living, all opinions are my own. All photographs are by Justin Salem Meyer.

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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5 custom bedroom closet organization ideas

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