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There is nothing cozier than a home at Christmas.  They just come alive and glow and I don’t just mean from the thousands of twinkle lights.  Although, we have thousands of twinkle lights.  There really is no place like home for the holidays, I want to invite you inside our home for a few minutes.  I get my best Christmas home decorating ideas from others.  Come on in!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved when people put wreaths on each of their windows.  When I pull out a dozen wreaths from the backroom each Christmas, I think I have a wreath problem but then I see them up and I fall in love again.  The window and door wreaths have timer battery-powered lights so they don’t have cords.

My grandma gave me her old sled from when she was a child and we proudly display it on our porch along with a lantern and snowman pottery.  The front door swag is a hand-me-down from my mom that she got from Frontgate.  I would love to get another rug to layer under the doormat at some point.

One of my favorite Christmas decorating Ideas I wanted to recreate was garland on our staircase.  My mom always did it growing up and I just loved it.  When we bought this house, I couldn’t wait to do it.  Every year, I put my decor in different places.  No year is quite the same and this year I put our Willow Tree Nativity set on the dresser in our foyer below personalized Christmas print.

We just rearranged our family room.  I love to do this from time to time to freshen up the space and make things news.  If you want a simple and inexpensive decorating idea, rearrange your room!  Your family might think you are crazy at first but mine are used to it now.

For Christmas, I take most of the normal decor off my shelves and then add my place Christmas decorations and then supplement with my regular decor. The regular decorations I don’t use, I store in my now empty Christmas decoration storage boxes in the basement.

Our tree is full of memories.  Each year when Scott and I were growing up we both were gifted an ornament based on our interests.  My mom carried on the tradition and we all still get an ornament every year.  This year Lucy got an Elsa ornament, Vera got an acrobat ornament and Solon got a Harry Potter ornament.  Scott got a basketball coach ornament and I got a product launch ornament.  Each year when we decorate the Christmas tree, it’s so sentimental as we recall the memories the ornaments bring.

Many of our decorations are heirlooms or hold sentimental value.  The Santa Clause on this table was my Grandma’s.  When she passed away, he was given to us. I also keep all the Christmas cards in this tray.  As they come in, I punch a hole in the corner and place them on a metal ring.  My kids love flipping through the cards all season long.  We stow them away and pull them back out season after season.  We have 5 sets of Christmas cards and it’s so fun to look back and see how families we love have grown and changed.

My mom gifted us the carolers on the dining room buffet and I love the centerpiece on the table with plaid runner.  When we have dinner I just turn it and place it at the end of the table so it doesn’t get dirty.

Then, we have just a few touches in the kitchen.  My mother-in-law gifted the kids the snowman coffee cups in the kitchen window for hot chocolate sessions.  I also added a cake stand with poinsettia to hold my soaps.  With so much extra decor around the house, I love to keep my kitchen pretty simple so there’s lots of room to make all the delicious seasonal treats.

Every year, I add in a little something and this year we added a Santa tree.  I bought inexpensive 4×6 frames and placed our Santa and Christmas card pictures inside.  It’s so fun to see how much our family has grown and changed.

We just add a few pops of greenery to our bedroom.  The kids each have a little tree in their rooms they decorate themselves.  They also each got a strand of lights.  They love to sleep by the glow of the lights.

As we say goodbye, I’ll leave you with some photos of our home by night.  There’s nothing better than the glow of twinkle lights.

Hopefully, you got some fun new Christmas home decorating ideas.  Maybe, even a few new tips you can implement in your home.  There really is no place like being home for the holidays. We love to snuggle up together watching a movie by the light of the Christmas tree.   Make sure to stop and enjoy those simple but purposeful moments with your family this season!

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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