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Do you remember your wedding day? I  could hardly wait to marry the love of my life.  It literally left me weak in weak in the knees as I started walking down the long aisle.  Fast forward a few years and suddenly marriage becomes work, maybe even hard at times.  You aren’t alone.  

The problem is we spend the majority of our time putting out fires, doing the daily chores, and possibly caring for the tiny more demanding people.  Our husbands aren’t usually standing in the line up shouting for our attention. Even though, marriage is a priority it’s hard to live that day in and day out.  The investment you make today will reap dividends into the future.  We take time for what matters most, take time to invest in your marriage today!

In this course, you will –

Build a solid foundation in your marriage.

Begin to see your marriage as a true gift.  

Develop a deeper respect and love for your spouse.

Be encouraged you are not alone and your marriage can flourish.

We will unpack how to create a more purposeful marriage that will set your marriage on a new path, a path of mutual respect and love acted out.  In this 6 session e-course, you will navigate the material and have opportunity to reflect and apply the information you have learned.

 Section 1: Your Marriage is a Gift

Section 2: Your Marriage’s Foundation

Section 3: Grace in Marriage

Section 4: Love is a Choice & an Action

Section 5: Physical Intimacy in a Marriage

Section 6:  Bonus Content

Marriage is not a life sentence.  That’s not the intention of marriage.  Marriage is a gift.  Take your marriage to a new level and learn how to grow your relationship and set your marriage on a firm foundation with action steps and questions to guide you along the way!

This course is 6 sessions with additional bonus content!


  • Your Marriage is a Gift

    What kind of gift do you consider your marriage? One you need to know the return policy for or one that you cherish? Learn why your marriage is a gift!

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  • Your Marriage's Foundation

    What is at the foundation of your marriage? Is it founded on sturdy ground? Let's dig into how to set-up your marriage for success by creating a solid foundation for it to stand upon.

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  • Grace in Marriage

    Marriage is a union between two imperfect people which means you need to learn how to extend grace in your marriage. In this lesson, we will learn about how to extend grace and what it means to accept grace.

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  • Love is a Choice & an Action

    Love is not a feeling, it's a choice. So, how do you start acting out your love for your spouse? In this lesson, we will discuss how to love your spouse well.

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  • Physical Intimacy in a Marriage

    Physical intimacy is a key component in every marriage but due to the sensitivity of the topic, we are left to navigate it alone. We will dive into what physical intimacy in a marriage should be and what pitfalls can prevent healthy intimacy.

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  • Bonus Content
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