How to Declutter Your Child’s School Papers

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Before you get started on organizing kid’s school papers you need to clear the clutter first. And whoa mama can there be a lot of paper clutter! Learn how to declutter kid’s school papers the easy way by asking yourself these 3 simple questions.

As Summer approaches your home is probably drowning in papers from your child’s school. You already receive a ton of artwork and forms throughout the year.

Somehow, the last month of school seems to involve a whirlwind of paper and events.

All those papers can be really overwhelming. And, leave you feeling like you simply don’t know where to start.

You can also become paralyzed with the thought of throwing away the wrong item, and not get rid of anything. Right?

But, you desperately want to declutter your child’s school papers. And know that you need to get started.

Let’s tackle that overwhelm right now, and make decluttering easy. With these 3 simple questions to declutter your child’s school papers.

How to get started decluttering kid’s papers

Before you get started on decluttering your child’s papers, you will need a few tools.

  • Trashbag or box

For any papers that can be trashed or recycled. Think multiples of a drawing, forms that are no longer needed, or monthly calendars for school.

  • Put Away box

You do not need anything fancy for your Put Away box. This is simply a box or basket to store the papers in that will be filed later when you organize your child’s papers.

  • Fun tunes

Life is always better with an impromptu dance party. So boogie down while decluttering. I promise it makes it way more fun!

How do you decide what papers to keep?

Now that you have everything you need to get started decluttering. Let’s move on to which papers to keep.

  • Necessary Forms

Sometimes you need to run a copy of a birth certificate or another important document to your child’s school. If for any reason you happened to forget and left it out, be sure to hang onto it.

  • Sentimental Items

Sentimental items can be a really tough area to declutter. Especially when it comes to our children’s artwork, journals, and letters.

I will absolutely leave this one up to you. But I think it is fair to say that any items or ornaments with handprints and footprints are pretty sentimental. And, of course, special letters and journal entries should be kept as well.

I do encourage you to be realistic with this area of decluttering though. And, get really clear on what actually needs to be kept.

Questions to ask when decluttering kid’s school papers

The easiest way to get those school papers decluttered once and for all is by asking yourself 3 simple questions.

  • Is there more than one?

You know the drill. Several of the same flower, truck, or house drawing. Sticker sheets that pretty much all look the same. Or, maybe it is several programs form a child’s performance.

You simply do not need every single copy of every single thing. You may not even need one of that paper either. 😉

An easy way to get papers decluttered fast is to eliminate extras.

  • Could you get it again?

When looking at your child’s school papers. Decide if you could get them again if you needed it.

This will be more in line with forms, immunization records, and report cards.

The truth is you probably don’t need to be holding onto all of those items. And, if you did get rid of them you can probably get copies of those items again.

Let me share an example.

My in-laws recently moved. And that meant some boxes, filled with items from my husband’s childhood, were headed our way.

One of the boxes was filled with school papers. And a big chunk of those papers was a massive stack of report cards. I bet you can guess where those report cards are now. Spoiler alert: In the shredder.

Now, I cannot possibly imagine any scenario in which we would need those report cards again. But, I bet we could get them if we did.

And, I feel confident you could definitely get copies of your children’s too. It may take a phone call or email, but wouldn’t you rather deal with that than a mountain of paper?

  • What is the worst thing that could happen?

It can be really tough decluttering your child’s artwork and other sentimental items from the school. You can feel stuck, and really unclear on if it is okay to let something go.

A great question to ask yourself if you are feeling stuck is: what is the worst that could happen?

Dig deep with this one.

Because the truth is, probably nothing. Tossing out a hand drawn picture of your home, or a form where they traced their name will not cause your world to crash.

So, breathe through it. And get really clear on what to keep. Because eliminating all that paper clutter is really freeing, and I do not want you to be weighed down.

Pro Tip: Take pictures of your child’s artwork, and create a collage photo book. This way you have a nice book filled with all of your child’s artwork from the school year. Instead of a ton of papers.

Wrap Up

You now know how to declutter your child’s papers, and are feeling less overwhelmed by the whole process. And are clear on what questions to ask to get you started, or if you are feeling stuck.

You totally got this mama. I am right behind you cheering you on each step of the way!

If you are looking for another great project to get things organized before the Summer break. Be sure to check out how to get all of those outdoor toys organized with this simple garage toy organization set up.



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