Shared Kids Closet DIY Organization System

Last weekend, we completed several to-do list items for the adoption.  We worked hard on our dossier paperwork and also did a little closet organization, so our girls can start sharing a room. (Read more about our adoption here).

Vera’s closet before was the builder basic installation with just one hanging rod.  We added a simple bookshelf and it worked fine for her but I knew this space had a lot more organization potential and I was going to need to find it because it will house two little fashionista’s wardrobes ;)!


I knew I wanted to divide the closet in half so that each sister had their own area to organize clothing and accessories,  room to stow books, keepsakes and extra bedding.  I searched Pinterest to gain some inspiration and found this idea.  Then, I tweaked the idea based on our needs.  Once I had the idea solidified in my mind, it was off to our local home improvement store to find the necessary pieces for the job.  This project is perfect for a weekend!


Project Materials

3 Cube Bookshelves (44 inches each) x 2

Metal Closet Shelves (size dependent on space & cut to size)

Wall-Shelf Brackets (2 per shelf)

L Brackets (to brace bookshelf to wall for safety – secure on both sides on top & bottom)



Jig saw to cut shelves to correct dimensions

Screws (4 to screw to shelves together and 2 per L bracket)


The Process

We bought two 3 cube shelves (like these).  Our closet is 96 inches tall (standard 8 foot ceilings) so placing two cubes together would be 88 inches tall.  Once we assembled the shelves, we measured and placed them in the middle of the closet, then stacked them and screwed them together.  For safety, we secured them to the wall with L brackets on both the bottom and the top so they wouldn’t topple over!

shelves screwed in closet organization

We then measured for 2 shelves on either side. We wanted both shelves to be 40 inches apart.  So, the first shelf would be 40 inches off the ground and then the next would be 80 inches off the ground.  That measurement mirrored our two shelves in our adult closet, so there’s room for the girls clothing to grow as they do!

We re-used the existing shelf and brackets as well bought two additional Rubbermaid brand 48-inch shelves, cutting each to the custom size needed.  He used brackets to affix them to the wall.  Scott used a hand level to make sure the shelves were level!

Installing shelves in closet organization

To finish up, he patched and painted the holes from the previous shelf placement.   By then, I was ready to organize the closet!  My favorite part of a project ;)!

So far, we have all of Vera’s clothes in there and everything fits.  Everyday in-season clothes will go on the bottom racks so the girls can easily access their outfit choices for the day and then less used pieces like dresses and out of season clothes can go on the top rack!


Lucy is ready to move in!  As you can see even longer maxi style dresses have room to hang comfortably!


Before and After


We also gave Solon’s closet a quick makeover in anticipation of him needing more floor space.  He is giving the girls his bunk beds and taking Vera’s queen bed.  We moved his bookshelf into his closet so he could still display his legos and books.  He doesn’t have as many hanging clothes so he still has plenty of space and more storage for his coveted collectibles ;)!



Before we tackled these projects, we decluttered the kids closets (read more about my closet decluttering tips here).  It was much easier making these changes with a clutter-free space!  Now the girls can’t wait to move in together.  I better start planning the rest of the transition!  Have a great weekend!



Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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