DIY Electronics Charging Station Drawer

With 4 kids we have no shortage of electronics around our house so when we built, I knew I wanted a dedicated drawer to store and charge iPads.  When I told our builder what I wanted he mentioned the mechanism you add to a drawer to do that can cost anywhere from $350-400 and they broke easily so he wouldn’t suggest it.  So, I decided we could do our own DIY electronics charging station drawer and it’s been amazing!

iPad charging station drawer DIY

So, how did we DIY our own charging station drawer?

We asked our electrician to place an electrical outlet behind a stack of drawers in our laundry room.  The electrical outlet cost about $50 to install at the time of our build.

Plug for charging station drawer


Once, the house was finished.  We grabbed a 6 foot power strip so there was room to pull the drawers in and out.  


power strip for electronic charging station drawer

We plugged in the power strip and then affixed it to the back of the drawer with command strips.  

I found a USB charging station with room for 4 plugs at Target but this one is similar.  You don’t need this, you can just use the plugs for your iPad.  

iPad charging station drawer idea

Plug in the iPads and you are all set.  Out of sight, out of mind storage and the iPads are charging!  We put the iPad drawer in the 3rd drawer down so our kids could independently get out and put away themselves!

The total project cost about $100 if you include the cost of the outlet, power strip, and cables.  Compare to the $350-400 drawer, I say this was a great and cost-effective alterantive!

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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