Simple Flag Football Birthday Party

This year Solon requested a flag football party complete with his dad as referee.  When my kids were little, I always loved choosing a party theme and decorating accordingly,  However, as my kids have grown up, they now like to choose the theme which is great!  Their themes are a good reflection of their interests!

So, once Solon decided on the flag football theme for his party we got to work creating a fun invitation, guest list, picking up supplies for the goodie bags and simple decor as well as deciding exactly what the party would look like.  Let me share the details with you for this simple and budget-friendly flag football birthday party.  My goal was to keep the party budget under $100!


Party Invitation –

I used Canva to create the party invitation and this year we emailed them to all his friend’s parents so they could just reply RSVP to the email.  We made sure to remind the draftees to come dressed to play :)!

Party Decor – 

Hosting a flag football party in late summer means lots of football party supplies can be found in the store.  We picked up some football-themed streamers at Dollar Tree and football themed paper napkins and plates at the local grocery store.  Then, we raided our football toys and tailgating box for some orange cones, footballs and a referee plate to decorate the dining room buffet.  I pulled out my felt birthday banner as well!

Party Food –

We kept the food simple and ordered pizza ahead of time.  We kept it warm in the oven until we served it.  I whipped up a boxed cake mix and added a half bag of mini chocolate chips to the batter and made homemade buttercream frosting for a richer flavor.  We served the cupcakes in football-themed cupcake liners (like these) along with the birthday boys favorite ice cream flavors for dessert!  No sports-themed party would be complete without Gatorade as well!

Goodie Bags – 

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We found most of our supplies at Dollar Tree.  I made the green bag look like football fields by tracing with a ruler lines and adding the yard numbers with a sharpie marker. Then, we filled them with some football themed treats including a foam football, whistle, medal, Gatorade, skittles and a tiny foam finger (like these)!

Party Activities – 

Of course, there would be a flag football game (we used this flag football set). Once all the guest arrived we walked to the local elementary school which boasts a large field.  We packed our wagon with a cooler full of mini water bottles for water breaks and the flag football supplies. Scott donned his refereeing uniform and we set off to play a game of flag football.

We walked home, the boys ate dinner and then we opened presents and sang happy birthday and had dessert.  We concluded the party with a game of 500.  One person stands on one side of the yard and yells out a number and “alive” or “dead”.  Everyone stands on the other side of the yard and whoever catches it gets the points.  You can read the rules here.  It was a perfect game to play while kids were picked up!

Total Party Budget – 

Party invitations & thank you cards – $0 **emailed invites & had thank you notes on hand

3 large carry-out pizzas $35

Paper plates & napkins $5

Cake supplies $6

Ice cream $6

Party decor & goodie bags $25

Drinks $12

Flag football and other supplies already on hand $0

Total Spent $89


I love to spoil my kids with fun parties but keep them simple and budget-friendly!  Solon said this was his favorite birthday party to date which is what really matters!  It was my favorite too because I did all the prep work and got to stand on the sidelines and do what I do best, cheer my favorite little football player on!  What themes have your kids picked for their birthdays? Do you do family or friend parties?


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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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