Fresh Fall Front Porch Decor

Now that it’s fall I wanted to add some fun fall front porch decor to greet our visitors.  I spend a lot of time nurturing my ferns all summer long.  When fall hits, I am not ready to say good-bye so I decided to forego replacing my ferns for mums which saved some money and allowed me to enjoy my ferns a little bit longer.

By the way, I buy my ferns at a big box store like Home Depot in the late spring.  I re-pot them in a larger container with more soil.  Ferns tend to get root-wrapped which hinders their growth and prevents them from holding water.  When I re-pot them, I make sure to water with fertilizer at the beginning of the summer once a week and then water them every other day as well.  Those little tips have made the biggest difference!

When it’s time to add some fall front porch decorations, I pull out 2 white craft pumpkins I got at Michael’s and 2 dowel rods I picked up at Wal-Mart.  The dowel rods are in the craft section for 49 cents each.  I cut a small hole in the bottom of the craft pumpkin (they are hollow) so I can slide it onto the dowel ride.

Then, I place the dowel rod in the fern and slide the pumpkin on to the dowel rod.  Once the pumpkin is on the dowel rod, it will look like the pumpkin is resting on the fern.  The whole project cost me under $30 and I can reuse the pumpkins and dowel rods year after year which I love!

Once the ferns are updated for fall, I add in some clay pumpkins, some fresh grocery store mums and an Ikea lantern for a fresh, fall look to greet our guests.  The clay pumpkins have a jack o’lantern face on one side so I turn them around for the month of October and put a battery-operated timer candle inside so they glow at night.

I got a new rug from Target to freshen up the space and kept my classic magnolia wreath up as well!  I love how it turned out and loved that I can enjoy my ferns a little bit longer.  Have you ever brought your ferns inside to enjoy in the winter?  Any tips?


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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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