Custom Garage Organization System + Storage Ideas

**We collaborated with the Kitchen & Bath Company for a discounted price, all opinions are my own**

We moved into our new house in the fall and got the insides all organized but over the winter the garage was the bane of my existence. I swear it’s the place to go for things we don’t know what to do with. So, this spring we finally contacted The Kitchen and Bath Company, they did our closets (check those out here) and we made a garage organization system plan.

No more balls rolling into the street (let’s hope kids 😉 and a home for everything. YAY!

kitchen and bath company garage organization systems

2 Important Questions Before Design

We started by determining —

1. Where would the garage organization go & what were the specifications?

2. What do we want to store in there?

We had a large blank wall in the garage we knew could work well so we cleared the space (seen below) so we had a place.

before picture garage organization system

Then, we started determining what in fact we needed stored in the garage. Garages usually house everything from tools to toys, our garage included. I love concealed storage so there’s less visual clutter. However, we also wanted easy accessibility for the kid’s to independently grab and store their items.

Garage Storage Organization Design Process

Initial Design

With the initial location and what would be stored in mind, they shared an initial drawing with us (seen below) that showcased all the different organization options they offered.

initial garage orgnization system layout picture
Initial Design Layout by The Kitchen and Bath Company

From there, I reworked it so that we could make sure we organized those things we needed to store. I have found storage systems work best when they are tailor made for what YOU want to store. So, make sure you know what you want to store and leave room to grow.

I sent back a very rough drawing to which their designer made beautiful in the system.

Design Modifications

custom garage storage system layout kitchen and bath company
I sent back this rendering after the initial design.

Final Design

final custom garage organization system layout
This was the final design The Kitchen and Bath Company did based on my changes.

Before, we pulled the trigger we went out and visualized the space and actually planned out what we would store in each area. We wrote in what items would go where on the design plan. This is an important step because organization only works if it’s actually solving a pain point.

I did this same thing in our closet design. I asked myself questions like where are the basketballs going to go? Where will the folding chairs go? Based on that, I came up with the design below using the products The Kitchen and Bath Company had.

Garage Storage Organization Installation

Once, we had the measurements correct and the right organizational products picked, it was time to order. The products took about 3 weeks to order and then it was installation day. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Good organization that simplifies my life, yes please! You can check out our last garage’s toy organization here.

garage organization system installation kitchen and bath company

After the installation was complete, it was time for the fun (for me) to begin. Since, I had “placed” all the items I wanted to store on paper. The organization part was pretty easy. I just needed to make a few tweaks here and there.

My main objective was that my kids could independently access and store away their toys so we went with more shallow baskets. Shallow baskets mean the toys at the bottom can still be accessed rather than storing things that never get played with because they can’t reach them.

Finished Garage Storage System

organized living garage organization system
garage cabinets organization system

We have now had our garage storage system for a few months and we are so happy with how well it’s functioning for our family. The metal bins are perfect for our kids to access independently, the lockers hold so many things we don’t want to see but need to store and the garage looks and feels a whole lot less cluttered. All of our goals were met plus there’s some room to grow!

garage toy storage

If you are local to the Iowa area, we highly recommend The Kitchen & Bath Company. We used them for our custom closet systems (see those here) and we have been so happy.

garage organization system company

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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