The Treasure of A Good Grandparent Relationship

From my earliest childhood memories, I remember the fun we had together.  I remember driving up their long driveway to a herd of stuffed sheep placed outside just to greet us.  The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies waiting inside as we searched for the magic rock and the glittering coin bounty waiting underneath.
There were these funky plants in macrame baskets and sheets covering their mid-century modern sofa, pink carpet in their bathroom and the longest phone cord that could be extended to the bathroom for a private conversation.  
There were opportunities to try on my grandma’s high heels, ride with grandpa on the garden tractor, visit the garden to pick grandma’s produce and test our athletic ability on the nordic track ski machine.


I have no shortage of sweet memories of my grandparents.  How about you?
I remember laughter, warmth, fun, and excitement.  They always gifted us their time. Time, which was special then but now I see is the greatest treasure they could have ever given me.
I want that for my kids too.  A good relationship with grandparents is a treasure.
This fall when my grandfather passed away was a reminder that we won’t always have this time with them.  Life moves fast.  No gift can replace time together sharing sweet moments together.
Generations get to meet and mingle and make memories that stay tucked tightly in our hearts.
My kids have these treasured relationships of their own now.  Creating memories traveling together, being in the kitchen with Nana to crafting with Grandma, boating with Grandpa and in the woodshop with Papa.   
Grandparents are your biggest fan without being a disciplinarian.  They love you so much because you are their children’s children.  To know a grandparents’ love is to have tasted some of the best this life has to offer. 

Grandparents, oh what a treasure.  Giving our kids the gift to know and love their grandparents is truly priceless.  Are you looking for fun ways for your kids to interact with their grandparents?  Check out this post all about fun grandparent-grandchild activities to do together.


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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