12 Items We Stopped Buying at the Grocery Store to Save Money

We have a growing family and each member seems to have a growing belly so I am constantly on the hunt to find ways to save money at the grocery store. I barely ever actually grocery shop and most of the time prefer online grocery shopping in my PJs while watching Friends.  Not only are Ross and Rachel better grocery shopping partners, it also saves money, time and my sanity.

There are a few things no longer on my grocery list and I thought I would share what we have opted to stop buying in an effort to save money.  What do you forego to stay on budget?  So, let me share with you some items to skip when trying to save money at the grocery store.

12 Items to Stop Buying at the Grocery Store to Save Money

1 – Name Brand

There are very few products I have to have the name brand for, if there is an off-brand equivalent I will buy it.  Often times, it can save a substantial amount of money.  Everything from canned soups, baking supplies, cereal to lunch meat.  I buy generic.  If you are an Aldi shopper, you know generic doesn’t mean poor quality!

2 – Kleenex

I know this might be weird but we just use toilet paper.  Right now, there is a box of tissues on our guest toilet because my mom came to visit and brought a box with her.  Is it weird we don’t buy kleenex?

3 – Pre-made baked goods

I still occasionally buy the break and bake refrigerated cookies to bake for an event but I love to buy the muffin box mix and whip those up.  Brownies are my go-to for a frugal but delicious dessert treat for a crowd.  A boxed mix is just a dollar or two at most grocery stores.

4 – Pre-made frozen meals

When I worked full time they were my go-to for lunches and a quick dinner but I just make extra of the meal I make for dinner to have as leftover or as my grandmother calls them planned-overs.

5 – Margarine & Butter Spreads

We just buy butter sticks.  We keep one stick in a covered butter dish in a kitchen cabinet so it’s soft for spreading on toast and bagels.

6 – Out of Season Fruit

We eat berries of all types in the summer, apples in large amounts in the fall and then choose more seasonal fruit varieties in the winter.  Not only is out of season fruit extremely expensive, it also doesn’t taste as good when it has to be shipped halfway around the world.  Frozen fruits are a great alternative in the winter months along with unsweetened jarred fruit.

7 – Bottled Water

We have plenty of reusable water bottles for the whole family and most of my kids are old enough to independently fill their own water bottles.  When we head out somewhere, they all grab a water bottle to go!

8 – Dryer Sheets

We stopped using these when our oldest child was born and had some skin sensitivity.  I got out of the habit and although I miss the scent, I just use dryer balls instead and the wrinkle release cycle on the dryer to help with static and wrinkles.

9 – Multiple Types of Shampoo

We buy baby shampoo for Lucy and the rest of all use the same kind of shampoo and conditioner.  Right now I am buying Panter Pro-V because it makes my hair extra soft.

10 – Decorative Napkins

Just like my fine china is white, I buy white napkins.  White goes with everything and is nice and classic.  There are always exceptions to this rule like kid birthdays but whenever we entertain, I just buy white.

11 – Candy

I am the queen of chocolate (I never was until I had children) and not buying it not only saves money but it saves my waistline.  I have a hard time saying no!  The great thing about online grocery shopping is I don’t even see it :).

12 – Bottled Juice

This is all my husband, he was raised on juice concentrate so we made the switch when we first got married.


So, there you have it 12 items we don’t buy at the grocery store to save money and stay on budget with our grocery bill.  We budget $125 a week for a family of 5 for groceries. Don’t forget to share what you skip at the store in an effort to save money in the comments!  Soda is on my list to go but I haven’t kicked that habit yet! Someone tell me I can do it!

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Speaking of budgets, I am going to be sharing more about how we got purposeful with our finances and formulated a realistic budget for our one income family.  You can learn more about the class here.


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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