Happy May Day 2012

Happy May Day!  I love the old way, the cliche, kids playing with their neighbors, talking over fences, playing til the sun goes down, kids running between yards, riding bikes, and doing things kids have been doing for decades…That is why I love May Day!  Something I did as a child that has not gone out of date with iPads, cell phones, and netflix – just good old fashion fun with ding dong ditching and leaving a little cup (or bag if you are like me and forget) filled with popcorn and candy!  Solon, of course, had an ok difficult time parting with the candy!  We filled our bags with homemade popcorn (you know the seeds put in a paper bag kind and pop in the microwave – works great), dum-dum lollipops and tootsie rolls!  Solon “wrote” his name on each one and off he and daddy went to “quickly” deliver the loot!  He is quite the runner and escaped a couple of times without being caught but his buddy Caleb was ready for him and caught him about the time they both reached the cornfield…what fun!
preparing the bags…while chewing on some candy (1 for me, 1 for you mantality 😉

…ditch (note the little boy already at the door but he didn’t know to chase Solon!)
Happy May Day – May you find a little happy today!

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