10 Simple Tips to Reduce Holiday Overwhelm

It really is the most wonderful time of the year even if we feel slightly crazy!  However, as a grown-up, the lists are long and all in addition to our normal full lives.  Every single person I have talked to lately has said “I am overwhelmed.”  So, how can you reduced holiday overwhelm?

10 Simple Tips To Reduce Holiday Overwhelm

Do a Brain Dump & Create a To Do List

I get overwhelmed by the number of items that need my attention.  Not to mention all the decisions that need to be made from what to get my dear Aunt Sally and what to serve for Christmas dinner.  

Sit down and get it all down on paper.  There’s something magical about taking what is in your head and putting it on paper.  Suddenly, you can think again!  

There’s something magical that happens when we take something from in our brain and write it down on paper.  It’s like our brain takes a sigh of relief and we can think more clearly.

holiday to do list

Do A Little Everyday

Once, you have your to-do list.  Take a look and prioritize what needs to get done first.  As you get deliveries, open up the boxes and place everything where it goes.  Wrap the items you can.  

Create a Gift List 

There are a lot of people to shop for and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Download this free shopping printable by signing up here and monitor your shopping progress.  Having a game plan and seeing your progress will help so much.

Use Throw-away Minutes

We all have those moments in our day.  5 minutes before you need to pick up your child from school.  10 minutes before you need to leave for your appointment.  Usually, we hop on social media and start scrolling.  Instead use those minutes and knock something off the to do list.

Set A Timer

Often times we don’t start a project because we think it will take a while.  Our competitive side comes out when we are racing a clock and I am always surprised how little time a task takes.  Set a timer for 15 minutes, you will be surprised how much you can get done.

It’s Okay to Say No

Every “yes” to something means a “no” to something else.  Make sure you are saying YES to what really matters.  Saying “no” doesn’t mean forever.  Maybe, it’s just not the year for Christmas cards or you can’t attend that charity Christmas party.  It’s okay to say no so that you can say to the best stuff this season!  

Ask for Help

There is no award for preparing for Christmas all by yourself.  So much of it falls on our shoulders but our kids and spouses are happy to help.  Yes, you might have to let go a bit of control but just think you are teaching your kids how to prepare for Christmas, a good life skill.  Look at your list and see what you can delegate. 

Make A To Do into an Activity

Every year we stuff Christmas cards into envelopes together as a family.  It would take me so much longer to do it alone and even young kids can help with the task of licking, stamping and stuffing.  This activity is actually one of our advent activities we do.  

What to do list item can you turn into a fun activity for your family?  Wrapping gifts, cooking baking, and decorating are all great options.

daily journal with Christmas cup

Grab your Simple Purposeful Living Daily Journal Here.

Fill Up so You Can Pour Out

This time of year, I believe the lie I don’t have time to work out or do my morning quiet time.  What ends up happening is I become crabby.  So, what fills your cup?  You might not fit in a full hour workout but can you do a quick run or walk on the treadmill?  Can you get up 20 minutes early to enjoy some quiet?  

Make sure you are getting enough sleep too!  The fastest way to crabbiness for me is lack of sleep.  Caffeine can only go so far. 

Curate A Perfect Christmas for Your Family

Have you ever seen a curated art collection?  It’s not every single piece that the artist did, it’s a sampling.  Now, take that thought and apply it to your Christmas.  You do not need to do every single Christmas thing.  

Quite frankly you will burn yourself out.  Ask your family what they enjoy about the holiday season and focus on those things.  Curate the kind of Christmas that matters to your family and let the rest go. 

It’s ok if your Christmas doesn’t match every influencer on Instagram!

Just Remember…

As You Prepare for Christmas, think about how you can make whatever you are doing more enjoyable.  Try lighting your favorite holiday scented candle and turning on some of your favorite Christmas music.  Overwhelm happens to all of us but it doesn’t have to stick around.  Take some time to jot down it all, fill your cup and little by little you will be prepared for the most magical time of year!

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