Homes of Light

This time of year hearts are soft to our Savior.  
I recently invited friends and neighbors over and hosted a Homes of Light with my small group ladies.  If you want to know more about what it looks like, watch this short video. You might just see someone familiar pop up 😉
The premise of Homes of Light is to share about the Gift of a Savior.  We invited women to come over, have some yummy food, fellowship together, enjoy a few fun party games, hear a sweet devotional, and then someone shares their testimony/faith story (you can find mine here).
I led the group in 3 fun games after we ate a little ;)….
First I had them put paper plates on their head (white side up) and gave them each a pen.  Then I listed instructions to draw out a snowman (no peeking while they drawer on that paper plate on their head!).   It was a great way to break the ice and allow women to feel more comfortable.
Then we played an oldie but goodie Shower Game turned Christmas party game.  I loaded up a tray with all sorts of Christmas goodies – lots and lots of them.  Then I showed them the tray and let them take a look.  I covered up the tray and had them write everything they could remember down on a piece of paper.  Then we revealed all the treasures on the tray and the person with the most correct responses won a little prize!
The last game we played was a fun purse game…we broke the groups into 2.  Then they had to work as a team to spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU using items from their purses that started with the same letter.  For example M for mascara or money, C for credit card or chapstick and so on!  They were very creative!!!
Following that we went around and introduced ourselves and then had a devotional and testimony time.

It was a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement in the midst of the busyness of this season.  There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than sharing the best gift of all – Jesus.  
It’s not about A church or A religion, it’s simply about a relationship with a savior who loves you so much.  If you want to know more, please email me or get in touch.  I love to talk to women about Him.
If you want to host a Homes of Light or around Easter host a Homes of Hope.  You simply need to gather friends, create a list of people to invite, plan a few games, make some treats, prepare a devotional and have someone share their testimony!  Then let God do the rest!
This video really helps you visualize what the event looks like!


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