10 Secret Instagram Tips to Help You Grow

Social media is the way so many of us stay up to date with friends and family near and far.  Just over 9 out of 10 Millenials, 3 out of 4 Generation X, and 1 in 2 Baby Boomers use social media regularly (source).  If you own a business, what that statistic tells us is most likely your potential customer is there.  Not only that research shows that 1 out of 2 people now do their research for what they will purchase on social media (source).

So, how can you be effective at using social media, specifically Instagram, to grow your business and serve your audience?  Today I am going to share my best simple but purposeful Instagram tips to get you started.  Ps, you can find me on Instagram HERE.

1. Know Your Why 

Your account is not about you at all.  Someone once explained it to me like this.  You are the Yoda (the guide) and your goal is to help Luke Skywalker (the hero) be successful.  So, why did you set up your account?   It might be to sell a product (yes I have products too, find them here).  However, at the core, how can you (the Yoda/guide) give free help to your potential client.  

So, what do you offer?  If you don’t know, how will your potential follower know? What free information or advice can you give your following that will serve them well?

2.  Treat Your Numbers like People

In a game of numbers, it’s easy to forget that every single one of those numbers is a person who has chosen to follow you.  While we all want to grow, it’s important that you remember to care for the people you have.  When you do a good job of giving helpful information and treating the people you have well, they will share with their friends.

3.  Engage, Engage, Engage

So, how can you make sure you care for your people well?  Engage.  Instagram has an algorithm, the more people that engage with your content the more it shows it to other people.  It’s annoying to a lot of people but the creators of Instagram set it up as a social platform meaning they want you to socialize.

But no one socializes with me?  

If you want someone to socialize with you, you have to do it first.  When you post, give them a clear call to action.  Ask a simple question.  Then, when someone comments on a post or messages you, ALWAYS respond. 

If you do nothing else on the platform, engage with those that take the time to engage with you.  That shows them that you want to get to know them and they are more likely to engage again.

I remember a fairly large established account I follow once mentioned she never responds to direct messages.  Right then and there, I knew I would never message her again.  Why bother?  

When it comes to responding, the Instagram algorithm is watching that too.  Remember, to write 4 words at least.  Don’t just pop an emoji up and call it good.

If you want to go the extra mile, I like to go to the person who comments’ profile and find out their first name and respond to their comment with their first name.  You can also send a video message to someone who messages you, people love it.

4.  Show Up Regularly

If you want people to show up for you and become your clients, you need to show up regularly.  Short and sweet, add it to your to-do list and show up!

5.  Post to Instagram Stories

I don’t care if you don’t like the way your face looks on stories.  You don’t have to show your face all the time.  80% of Instagram users spend the majority of their time on stories.  If you aren’t on stories you are missing out.  

Share behind the scenes type stuff, day to day stuff, a funny story.  Stories are like pulling back the curtain and letting us see inside your “real life”.  It can be less polished than a feed post.  

Stories work best when you space them out throughout the day because when you post, it pops back up to the top of the line giving more people a chance to see your stories.

Try out polls and question boxes.  People love to give their opinion!  Use music, a mix of you talking, photos, and action videos.  If you aren’t sure, watch others and be inspired, just don’t copy exactly.  

vary content -instagram tips

6.  Vary Content

If you sell a product, don’t just post photos of your product all the time.  Remember, you want to serve your audience so how can you give them free advice or help around the product you sell.  They also want to get to know you.  So, on the holidays post a photo of your family.  Share free tips around the content you share.  

People do business with people not products.  When someone knows, likes, and trusts you.  They are more likely to do business with you.

View insights on your posts to see what resonates with people.  I will say, my least liked posts are my product photos so for a while I stopped posting product photos.  What happened is people forgot I sold products.  So, I started posting again.  They are still the least liked photos BUT after I post every single time I get orders.  

7.  Use Hashtags

Especially, when you are just starting out, a great way to get “noticed” is by hashtags.  You can post up to 30 of them per post and 15 per Instagram story.   Pick hashtags that are smaller that have less than 1 million posts otherwise yours will get lost in the crowd.  Don’t forget to use location hashtags like #desmoinesiowa.

Vary your hashtags with every post so that you reach a different pool of people.

Remember, to use hashtags in stories too, you can actually pull them off the screen or make them really small so they aren’t distracting but help get your content seen by more people.

Tag People & Add Location

8.  Add Location to Posts & Stories

Make sure you add the location to your posts.  You can swipe up as you are creating your story and add a location.  You can size it down so that it’s not distracting but it’s another great way for people to find your content.

9.  Tag People

Tag a company if you have a product in your story or post.  Companies love to see you using their products and might even share it on their feeds.  However, don’t tag a bunch of random accounts or businesses unless the product is actually in the frame.  It’s not going to win you any points!

Instagram tips fix profile

10.  Polish Your Profile

Last but not least, when people come to your profile they will decide in 15 seconds or not if they are going to follow you.   Do not beat around the bush.  Be clear and concise about what they are going to get when they follow you. They want to know what’s in it for them!  This is my Instagram URL I use for reference.


Just remember this when it comes to Instagram tips…

At the end of the day, Instagram is a “hello” to new potential customers.  Put your best foot forward.  A good first impression is key!  Implement these strategies and you will find success.  Just remember, it takes time.  Don’t give up too soon!  Keep on keeping on, the world needs your voice! 


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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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10 simple instagram tips for your business


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