10 Simple Backyard Water Activities for Kids

It’s Summer.  It’s hot.  There’s no denying getting wet is the best way to beat the heat.  Water and kids go together like biscuits and gravy.  So, today I am sharing 10 simple water activities you can do in your own backyard.  It’s perfect for big siblings while little siblings nap or maybe you want some simple summer fun without leaving home.

I set up a few fun things and let the kids use their imagination for the rest.  It resulted in hours of water activity fun,  Let this inspire you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a whole lot of fun in your own backyard!

10 Simple Backyard Water Activities for Kids

1.  Storage Tub Pool for One

By far this is my kids favorite backyard water activity, especially on a warm spring day.  Take an extra storage tub and fill it with water to create personal pools for each kid.  If the water is especially cool, you can add a few pitchers of hot water to it.  Who doesn’t love their own personal storage tub pool?
kid standing in tub of water

2.  Turn Your Swingset into a Splash Pad

Hook up the hose to the canopy of the swing set and they had a water slide, raining shower head down below and even swung on the swings with water pouring over their heads. Who needs a splash pad when you can hook up your hose to your play-set?


3.  Water Fight

Water squirters make for lots of water fight fun.  Our favorite is found at the Dollar Tree dollar store.  We stock up every year.  They are my kids favorite and not too hard to push for little muscles!

4.  Slip & Slide

Don’t forget about the traditional slip n’ slide.  My kids like to use these rings to help them slip n’ slide a little faster.  For added fun, we even set the sprinkler next to it so the water rained down on them as they slid!

5.  Drip Drip Drop Water Game

Who doesn’t love the traditional game of Duck, Duck Goose?  You will love Drip, Drip, Drop!  It’s the same concept but instead of tapping the participant’s head, you drip a sponge on their head until you get to the person you want to tag and then you wring that sponge out on top of their head and run.

6.  Water Obstacle Course

Set-up a water obstacle course with a variety of water obstacles.  Have your kids help you dream them all up.  Slide down the slip n’ slide, dump a water bottle over your head, carry a bucket of water and dump it into a bucket at the other end.


7.  Water Balloons

If you are in the market to spend a little money and want to have a whole lot of fun fast, water balloons are so easy to fill and are so much fun. especially these water balloons.  They make great birthday gifts!

8.  Water Baseball

Speaking of water balloons, try water balloon basebal or use those balls that are like sponges (see here) and play a very wet version of baseball!

9.  Sprinklers & Umbrellas

Pull out the sprinkler or spray the house and have the kids run through with their umbrellas.  Make an ark and have them try to run under without getting wet.

10. Water Playdate

Invite the neighbors over and set up all these activities in your backyard.  Water activities are more fun with friends to enjoy it with.  Set up the 6 above activities and you will be set!  Make sure to have towels and popsicles on hand for a break!

11.  Launch a Water Rocket

My kids got this cool water rocket as a gift and it offered hours of entertainment last summer. Simply, affix it to your house and control the power of the water being sent to the rocket.


12.  Bubbles & Water

Pour some dish soap into some buckets, pull out some kitchen utensils, and let the kids play.  We dod this in the kitchen sink in the winter and in a bunch of buckets in the summer.  Who doesn’t love bubbles and water?


Water Makes Everything More Fun!

We love to go to the pool but sometimes the baby needs a nap or the laundry needs to get done which means a day at home.  You can still have so much fun with these 6 water activities in your own backyard.  How do you beat the heat?  We are setting record highs around here and we need all the ideas we can get!

Want more ideas?

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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