Life Lately Volume 1 May 2018

This time of year is absolutely crazy.  Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I am the committee chair so that coupled with my live event next Saturday, I have tried to stay on top of my to-do list!  We have lots of fun end-of-year activities as well as all the usual things as well.  I am trying something new and I am going to do a life lately post every other Friday!  I enjoy seeing what other’s are up to and its fun to look back at these posts!

So, here’s a little life lately…

We are in the middle of baseball season and Solon has now played most of the positions.  He was so excited to pitch one evening.  It’s been fun watching him and enjoyed that Nana and Papa come to most of the games!

We are getting our garden all ready for the season.  This weekend, our plan is to get all of our vegetables planted!

Jean Jacket | Pants

We had to take some “family life” photos in front of our house for the adoption.  Solon thought he was funny laying behind us looking like he is dead.  Not sure that’s what China is looking for 😉 but it made me laugh!

Lucy has claimed the jeep as her own and now knows how to drive it in a big circle on our driveway!  She also wants to eat off the John Deere tractor plate at every meal!

It was take a friend to dance so these girls decided to take their brothers. They all had fun!

Solon went with his Nana and Papa to see his cousins in MN last weekend.  My neice was in a play so they went up to see it.  I had a meeting I couldn’t miss and Vera had dance pictures so the rest of us stayed home.  He had the time of his life!  He didn’t want to come home.

My cousin Madelynne came down for dinner before she headed hom for the summer.  I can’t believe she is done with her first year of college.  We have loved having her so close.  We can’t wait to have her back in August!

These girls had dance pictures.  The recital is just over a month away!

Vera decided to set-up a spa so Scott gave us massages and we rested in our bed! The girls loved it.  We had essential oils diffusing and trickling water music ;)!

When Solon got home, we decided to tackle switching the beds around in the kids room to start the transition to the girls sharing a room!  Solon got Vera’s queen bed and she got his bunk beds!  Everyone was excited!

It’s been feeling like summer so the kids picked out ice cream and cones for dessert on Sunday!  Yum!

We celebrated May Day and handed out some baskets.  Lucy, I am pretty sure, couldn’t figure out what was going on!

Lucy and I have been walking at least a couple mornings a week and then we come home and she plays a bit.  She sat down and rocked with me for a bit.  She really is a ray of sunshine!

My Jeans | Birkenstocks

We finished off the week helping a friend find some dresses for her son’s graduation!  Lucy, of course, had to take her purse along and then wanted to carry my bag.  I should’nt have been shopping but I found these shorts and I needed some new ones :)!  I love the fit!

Lucy’s Dress | Leggings

So, that’s a little life lately!  We have more baseball this weekend along with a fun birthday dinner for Scott’s mom!  We are doing mint juleps and watching the Kentucy Derby!  We also hope to plant the garden and relax before a very busy week next week!  If you are local and want to sign-up for the event, there are just a few spots left. Sign-up here.  Have a great weekend!


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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