Life Lately Volume 13 February 2019

Friends, February has both flown by and felt like the longest month ever.  It has been one of the snowiest and coldest on records. We have had double the amount of snow we usually do all winter in the last 8 weeks – crazy!  It’s made for some epic snow forts, sledding hills (in the front yard) and snow much more fun.  However, we are all looking forward to spring!

Before we jump into March and spring (fingers-crossed), let’s take a look back at what we were up to in February!

I lost track how many snow days and late starts for school we have had.  Let’s just say, we haven’t had a normal school week since before Christmas vacation.  We thought we had a lot of snow at the beginning of February, the piles were as tall as Lucy!

Lucy decided she wanted to go to an ISU basketball game with Scott so it was her turn in early February.  She was so excited to wear her cheerleading outfit and dig out her pom-poms from the tailgating tote.  He said she loved it!  After Lucy went Vera decided she wanted to go too!  So, she got to go with Dad on a school night which she was pretty pumped about.



Lucy’s best friend joined us for the day and I had to stop by Wal-Mart for a few things so they rode in the cart and of course, we had to stop by and see the fish.

FYI, Wal-Mart has Solon’s favorite athletic sweatpants and Vera’s favorite pajamas (on sale for $7).  Their prices are hard to beat too!

In February, I went to my first blogging conference.  My friend Alice was a speaker at the Influential Summit in Carlsbad, CA so she invited me to come and stay at her house and join her.

We had never met in “real-life” Alice so I was a little nervous but after messaging back and forth for 2 years it was like we had always known each other.  I learned so much and made some great connections.  I hope to go to one conference per year from now on! Preferably with views like this one in the month of February ;)!

Lucy found our magic set and outfit and performed a lot of magic shows for us in the month of February.  That girl’s imagination is so funny and creative!  By now, you know we love all things Melissa and Doug.  You can find the magic set here and the magician outfit here.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family and we got the kids each a few little things.  Solon needed a new over the door basketball hoop, Vera got those pajamas she loves and Lucy got a cute play-doh ice cream set.  Of course, we got a Reese’s PB heart too #becausechocolate!


Even though we haven’t gotten a match yet we decided to go ahead and get the kids’ passports taken care of!  We are excited for them to go with us and learn all about another part of the world and get better acquainted with their little brother’s birth country and culture!

Thankfully, we passed.  I used black ink, remembered all the documents and the photos passed inspection, I was sweating.

We also spent some time getting little brother’s room all ready to go!  We hung a huge vintage map above his dresser, hung some curtains and some artwork, cleaned out his closet and ordered some name artwork.  I hope he finds it as cozy as we do!

We wrapped up basketball season for Vera.  I had fun coaching with my bestie Emilie.  Vera had a blast and wants to play again.  I am so glad she tried it!  She learned a lot, made a few baskets and learned to play a team sport!

The girls attended the father-daughter dance at our church.  This was Lucy’s first time and she loved it.  Vera liked the crafts (no surprise) and Lucy loved the dancing (not surprising either).  Lucy donned her first set of pigtails for the occasion.  They both picked out their outfits and they are so them!

While the girls were at the dance with Scott, Solon took me out on a date.  He planned the whole thing and even directed me where to go.  He left a love note in my car seat and opened all the doors for me.  He really has the biggest heart!

We thought we had a lot of snow at the beginning of the month but we had about 2 snowstorms a week in February.  By the end of the month, Solon could touch the bottom of the 9 foot basketball hoop!  Scott’s gotten such a workout scooping snow and sweet neighbors have been helping with their snowblower too!

In between snowstorms, we surprised the kids with a trip to the downtown, outdoor skating rink.  The two older kids had a blast and picked up skating quickly.  Lucy bailed fairly quickly.  They couldn’t believe their mom had taken figure skating lessons but I am too old to test out some old moves, I might break a hip ;)!

Since, we have had so many snowstorms we have had more time to enjoy our Sunday evening tradition of snack tray supper and family game night.  I have shared some of our favorite games in this post.

We have also loved playing Guess Who, Guess Who, Labyrinth and Racko lately.

Solon got new glasses this month too!  He got a new, slightly different prescription last August but the doctor said we could wait until his glasses broke to get a new pair.  Well, his glasses finally broke after almost 2 years so he picked these. We also invested in some sports glasses now that he is getting older.  He can hardly wait for baseball season to start so he can wear them!!!

One final milestone happened in February.  Solon and I finished reading the entire Harry Potter series.  Thousands of pages and 18 months of bedtime reading sessions later we finished.  I’ll be sharing more about why we read it together on Friday and what we will read next!  I can’t recommend reading to your kids for as long as they will let you though!  Such sweet and special memories I will cherish.


So that wraps up February.  We are looking forward to March and a hopefully sunny and warm trip to visit my parents in Arizona.  We also hope to see some spring-like weather and kick-off baseball season for Solon!  What are you looking forward to in March?


Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.
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