Life Lately Volume 14 April 2019

Seriously, I try not to start out these posts the exact same way every month but I can NOT for the life of me believe it’s May today!  The kids are excited because this is the last month of school and we are all excited because that means we are closer to bringing Quincy home.  April was a full and busy month so before we head off to deliver May Day baskets, I thought I would share a little life lately!

Psst…curious about May Day baskets, read this post and DO IT!  So fun!

Let’s get to a little April 2019 life lately…

We started the month with a trip to the movies to see Dumbo.  The kid’s school offered $6 tickets that came with the free kid’s combo.  The movie was a little scarier than I thought it would be but the kids liked it and had fun going to the movies with their friends.

We finally got around to making our spring bucket list.  We had been so busy in March we hadn’t done it yet.  Their first spring bucket list priority was “going to China.”  They also wanted to plant a garden, go on bike rides, have friends over and more.  They took turns writing their items down and have had fun checking things off.  Always a good reminder, it really is the simplest things that matter most.

I couldn’t take it anymore and bought some ferns and potted them.  It was a little early but I just was ready for some color and life.  So far, we have only had to bring them in a few times and they are still alive.  I always re-pot my ferns in some extra dirt in a bigger container and they flourish with regular watering.

The kids had a random day off of school so we explored our own state and went to Centerville to visit the Junk Parlor.  We stopped for lunch at the Continental Hotel and had fun exploring their town square.  A good road trip is always a good idea!

Vera had a playdate one afternoon and the girls made some “gump” as my Grandma calls it or you might call it chex mix.  She always put in cheerios as a kid!  We all love “gump” around here and I have no idea how it got that name.

The kids brought home their spring pictures.  I had totally forgotten about them because they were taken the day we got home from spring break.  They actually turned out fine!  Can’t believe they are almost done with 3rd and 1st grade.


We have had a lot of “lunchables” at the baseball field lately.  The girls love their little picnic dinner.  Some nights we are all bundled up and other nights, it’s beautiful.  That’s spring in the midwest!

A friend asked me to join her at the AR Workshop.  It’s a franchise DIY studio.  I have always wanted to make a birth date sign and I finally could since we know Quincy’s birthday!  I did Scott’s and my anniversary instead of our birthdays ;)!

Speaking of Quincy, we finally got our passports back with our Chinese visas after a few hiccups and being gone for 6 weeks!  We got travel approval so things are moving along now and we are all excited about it.

We had a couple of free evenings last week so one night we walked to the park and the other night we biked to the local library.  Lucy had fun showing her big brother and sister what she likes to do and we picked out some movies for family movie night and a few books for everybody!

My parents joined us for Easter this year.  Solon had a baseball game on Saturday so we all cheered him as he pitched, got a hit and run!  My cousin Madelynne and grandparents also came.  The weather was picture perfect so we grilled out and sat out on the driveway while the kids played.  We all got a little too much sun, whoops!

We also played games, family baseball, had a big Easter dinner and colored eggs.  Sunday morning, we tried to snap a few pictures but not everyone was feeling excited.  Thankfully, after church, we were all smiles!

Lucy and I have been savoring these last few weeks, just the two of us.  She has been loving playing games so we have been playing lots of Candy Land (her favorite), Yeti in My Spaghetti, Memory, and Zingo!

April was also a busy month preparing for the Simple Purposeful Living shop being open.  The kids were excited to help behind the scenes and can’t wait to help ship all the orders.

We finished the month celebrating our dear friend’s son being baptized.  It was so fun to share that special day with them.

We are wrapping up the month preparing for our trip to China, cheering loud at baseball games and preparing for the girls dance recital at the end of the month.  It’s also almost lake season and our grandparents are all coming back from wintering in the south!  We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months but April was good to us!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.
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