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Wow!  What a busy couple of weeks we have had around here. If you missed my post about how this time of year makes me feel a little bit like a headless chicken, you can read that here.  We have 8 days of school left and we are all ready for summer.  The weather has us itching for pool days with friends and lazy mornings at home!

This weekend, we have a couple of graduation parties to attend, baseball, a fun night out with friends tonight and plenty of time to just enjoy being outside as a family.  Before we kick off the weekend, I thought I would share a little life lately with you!

kids running to park

We have been enjoying long walks with friends and rewarding our patient passengers with a trip to the park at the end of the walk.  A little exercise, a little chat time with friends and fun for the kids.  A winning combo right there!


women's event at a church

Last weekend, I had my first live event for Simple Purposeful Living and it was so much fun.  It went off without a hitch (besides some burnt popcorn).  It was so fun to meet some readers, be supported by my sweet friends and encourage women to live their lives on purpose!  I will share more next week.


Sarah and Kara both spoke and I love connecting with other local bloggers!  A rising tide lifts all boats!

After the event, I came home and put my sweats on and spent the afternoon relaxing with a snoozing little lady.  It’s so rare she sleeps on me these days, I soaked up every moment <3


My Faux Bit 😉

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day!  The kids got me a “faux” bit so I could compete with Solon in the steps department ;).  It’s been fun to see how many steps I can get in a day!  They also served me breakfast in bed and then ate it all!  We went to church and had lunch at my in-laws’ house before coming home and hanging out outside.  It was a perfect low key day with my favorite people!


mailing international adoption dossier

Lucy’s Jean Jacket | Solon’s Shirt | Girls Lilly Dresses

We also submitted our completed dossier for our adoption on Mother’s Day.  That means that when Lucy turns 3 we can submit our file to China and be matched!  We are so thankful to be mostly finished with ALL THE PAPERWORK.  It’s worth it I know!


little siblings at baseball

Similar Baseball Cart

We have attended lots of baseball games.  I officially became a baseball mom and got my own cart.  It’s similar to this one and it’s a lifesaver.  I love that it folds compactly in the trunk.  I think we will get lots of use out of it.

family standing together for a picture

Scott’s parents try to come to every game which is so sweet!  Solon has quite the fan club.  We also see lots of friends and neighbors so the girls generally have a playmate on a field next to ours.  It makes the 2 hours a little more bearable for them.

Boy playing baseball

This season Solon transitioned to Single-A little league so the kids’ pitch (no coach recovery).  The first few games were really rough as the kids learned how to steal, got struck out a lot, and Solon’s team lost the first 7 games.  A lot of life lessons packed into one season.  However, they just won their first game and Solon hit the last few times up to bat and once was a great outfield hit!  It’s been fun to cheer him on!

 I have had to practice what I shared on no sideline coaching (read more here).

best friends play baseball

Solon’s Baseball Pants

These two besties played on adjacent fields so we could cheer them both on!  Solon got to watch him pitch a strike out!

Vera’s helmet | Bike Lock 

The kids decided they wanted to try riding bikes to school so we practiced with the lock and mom walking behind.  They are growing up so fast!

Lucy and I enjoyed playing in the backyard.  She played contently for over 2 hours with a storage tub of water.  Read more about my backyard water ideas here.  

The best news of the week is that my sister had her first baby (doesn’t she look amazing) and I now have a niece!  I am flying out (solo – wahoo) in just a couple of weeks to spend time with them.  I cannot wait!

family at sonic

Our favorite summer special is back – Sonic half-price shakes after 8!  The kids get all ready for bed in their pajamas and we go get shakes.  It’s a cheap date and a fun family tradition.


So that’s a little life lately around here.  We are definitely loving the weather and this time of year when we can soak up the long-awaited vitamin D and spend time as a family.  I am going to scale back to just posting on Monday and Friday this summer starting June 1!  Looking forward to soaking up all the extra time with my favorite pint-sized people!


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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