Lucy’s 11 Months Old

Sweet baby girl, this time last year I was anxiously counting down the days to finally meet who God masterfully created in my womb.   Now a year later, we couldn’t love you more if we tried.  You are seriously just the sweetest, happiest, chillest baby there is and you are the perfect cherry on top of our family’s ice cream sundae (foreshadowing to your party theme ;).  Let’s see what you were up to this month.

this about sums up her affection for bows on her head, I knew it would come and I am bummed she takes them IMMEDIATELY out now.  I only put them on for a quick photo 😉

  • You are learning new tricks every single day — your latest ones are when we put a finger up and say “blow out the candle”, you blow! You also high five and blow kisses (sometimes you use the back of your hand instead of the palm for blowing kisses, its so cute).  
  • You crawled this month, you had been rocking up on all 4’s and scooting on your bum but this month you traditionally crawled and now you are on the move.
  • Now that you move more quickly, everyone is getting use to having you in stuff.  Mommy can’t leave you playing with a basket of toys anymore and Vera has learned barbies and calico critters on the floor are not a good idea. 
  • You like to stick things in your mouth, the other day you found a bouncy ball.  I had to push your cheeks together to pop it out.  We have to constantly watch you!
  • You are starting to pull up on to your knees (not on your feet yet).
  • You have 3 meals a day…sometimes lunch is later as you nap over lunch most days!
  • We recently discovered you LOVE mexican food, like shovel it down!  You fit in right in darling!
  • Other favorite foods are diced cheese, pepperoni, canned pears, muffins, mini pancakes, and we still do food purees for veggies and fruit to make sure you get enough of those yummy things.  You still aren’t sure of non-pureed veggies but you eat a few here and there!  You don’t mind meat and you do a great job picking up food and feeding yourself.
  • You love graham crackers for a snack on the go and still do puffs as well…cheerios must be a little bland for you.  You will eat them but they are not your go to!
  • You still don’t take a Sippy well but we continue to practice.
  • You much prefer to nurse (just like your big sister) and we still nurse about every 3-4 hours throughout the day.  Generally 7am when you wake up, 10, 1, 4 and before bed for a total of 4-5 times a day. Knowing your sister weened herself at 14 months, I know you will too!
  • You wear some 6-12 month clothes but I am buying you 12-18 month clothes (Vera didn’t have much in that size for summer so far you have been opposite seasons) so a new wardrobe it is — darn, since you have no opinion yet I am enjoying dressing you :)!
  • You love the pool and swinging at the park.
  • You hate to be put in your carseat but then settle down, you might fall asleep or Solon in the 3rd row keeps you laughing as we go to and fro!
  • You like stroller rides and don’t mind the bike caboose.
  • You have (get ready for it) 8 teeth — you got your 2 bottom teeth so all 8 front teeth.  You also have 4 bumps where your molars are coming in.
  • You had your first double ear infection this month and roseola :(.  A round of medicine had you better in no time.
  • We headed to the lake this month!  You took your first boat ride and were underwelmed, I think mostly because of the uncomfy life jacket.  You did like the hot tub (more like warm tub at 97 degrees).  
  • You want to try whatever we are eating and you have your big brother wrapped around your finger, he always gives you bites of his.  He always wants to hold you and be with you!  
  • Both of your siblings are great helpers!y
  • You still love your pacifier and put it in yourself and you also love your white blanket to sleep.
  • You still like to be rocked to sleep….darn!  Sometimes I hold you extra long and enjoy your snuggles!
  • You are over baby toys and want to play with whatever the bigs are playing — you also love to look at books and be read to.
  • You still love to sing and play finger games.
  • The tv caught your attention this month and I noticed you watching it for a couple minutes.
You are just a sweet and precious baby.  You definitely are shy around strangers and pretty quiet out and about but at home you “talk” all the time.  You can say “momma” and “dada” and raise your hands to signal you want to be carried.  You are such a sweet, very chill baby.  You never complain even when you get a short nap because of our schedule.  I am so thankful God gifted us you!  We are gearing up for your first birthday celebrations and my heart is just so full of gratitude for this last year and being your momma!  We all love you so much squish squish!  

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