Lucy’s 16 Months Old

Our Lucille Violet is 16 months old.  I am not sure how it happened but her little personality continues to blossom and this month her list of “new” tricks has exploded.
She loves to cheer on our football team.  She hears the opening song and just starts bouncing and dancing.  She loves to dance whenever music is on (which is a lot around here).  She waves her hands and gets the biggest smile on her face.  She likes to move and groove.

This girl loves chairs.  A Pottery Barn anytime chair is on her Christmas list!  The girl will climb up on any chair and get situated.  She loves rocking chairs, our little table and chairs set.  If there’s a chair just her size, she is happy!

She is BUSY these days.  Right now cleaning with her is comical.  I started to cleaning the bathroom the other day and next thing I know she is “helping” with the toilet bowl brush in the toilet and water everywhere.  It was so cute but a hygiene issue ;)!  She also loves to pull things out of cupboards, baskets, drawers, shoes off of shelves while shopping…you name it, she likes to explore it!

She is determined to be “big” like her big brother and sister and loves to “color”.  She has made a few masterpieces when I wasn’t watching.

She is learning new things all the time.  Grandma taught her to raise her hands when she said “touchdown”.  She also now says words sometimes if you say them like “bye”, “pease (Please)”, and if you say “Peek a” she will say “boo” in the cutest squeaky voice.  She loves to point things out and if you don’t get it at first, she lets you know by squawking. 

The girl LOVES purses.  My purse, play purses.  She loves to rifle through them, sling them over her shoulder.  She also loves to play with old phones.  She has also started pushing her stroller around with things in it, sometimes babies, sometimes just random treasures she picks up.  She also likes Daddy’s lunchbox!

We are still nursing at bedtime and I rock her to sleep for nap.  If I am not home, she goes down with Scott, no problem so we are kind of at the end I know.  Vera grew disinterested at 16 months and Lucy is starting to show signs of being done.  It’s bittersweet for me since it’s a special time just her and I share but I am thankful for the time we had.

Her big brother and her have a special bond.  He is old enough to really appreciate her size and age.  He dotes on her, likes to read to her and is always willing to be a helping hand.  

Lucy is shy at first.  Sometimes she will scowl, sometimes she will smile but normally from the protection of mom or dad close by.  She doesn’t love to be in your arms if mom is around at first.  She does warm up and then she is happy to hang out with you .

She loves to be part of the action and especially loves to put her arms and reach out to be held.  She still prefers life from someone’s arms.  99% of the time when we put her down to do something, she arches her back and cries.

At 16 months she took her first step and within a week she was almost exclusively walking.  At first, it was just a couple steps here and there as she was playing.  She would absent-mindedly walk.  We could not get her to walk on command.  Then once she gained more confidence, she would walk more and more.  It’s fun to watch her grow up and now that she’s walking, she seems to be more toddler than baby.  

She loves to snuggle, extremely attached to her blanket and her demeanor is still quite laid-back.  She does let us know when one of her siblings is not being kind or she wants something.  She gets fussy when she is hungry and is a really good eater.  She especially loves applesauce pouches, any sweet, pumpkin bread for breakfast, and anything we put in front of her.  
We are so thankful to have her as part of our bunch.  She adds sweet and spice and everything nice.  We can’t wait to see what the next 4 months bring.  Happy 16 months are sweet “squish squish”, Lucy girl! 

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