Happy 1st Birthday Lucy

In the blink of an eye, you went from a wish and a hope and a prayer to a beautiful baby girl swept into my arms and deep into our hearts and in another blink you have blossomed into the sweetest little gal we could have never dreamt of but God is a good God full of creativity and wonder and He made you sweet girl and we are SO thankful!  Happy 1st Birthday…
From just one day old…

…to 1 year old

…and we are all emotional about it around here 😉
Let’s take a peak into the life of Lucy Violet…
  • At 1 you are average for height at about 27.5 inches (44%) and 21.5 lbs (85%) and 99% for head (down 1% ;).  
  • You wear mostly 12 month and 12-18 month clothes now, you wear a size 3 diaper and generally go through 4 a day.  
  • You go to sleep around 7:30-8pm and have been waking up around 6am before chatting yourself back to sleep until around 8am.  
  • We have weaned some this last month and you are down to 3 feedings a day.  Morning, late afternoon and bedtime.  You love to nurse and mommy loves our alone time together.
  • You are eating mostly finger foods these days, you prefer to feed yourself.  You have totally got the food pouches down and those are perfect for our on the go life.  You especially love anything with apple in it and sweet potato/squash.  
  • You eat 3 meals a day with a few snacks in between – generally a snack is a food pouch or graham cracker.  You are always trying to see what everyone else is eating and normally they take pity on you and give you a bite.  
  • You especially love mini pancakes, applesauce, canned pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, pizza, taco meat & beans — now that I think about there isn’t too much you won’t eat at this point!
  • You are getting the hang of the Sippy cup but you prefer to share with me and my straw glasses.
  • You love to go swimming but especially love to splash and play on the edge.  You don’t mind being dunked under water or floating on your back and you especially love to do motor boat.
  • You don’t like to lose sight of mommy and normally reach up and want to be held especially by dinner time.  
  • Your siblings love you so much and at least once a day I have to tell them to leave you alone 😉
  • You know how to say cheese and take pictures with your play phone, say hi and wave, put the phone to your ear and sling a purse over your shoulder.  Daddy wonders what I teach you while he’s away at work.  You also blow kisses and occasionally will give us one if you feel like it.
  • You started a new game of being chased.  We say “we are gonna get you” you let out a squeal and high tail it into the other parent’s lap and repeat.
  • You love to be tickled and kissed on your belly during diaper changes.
  • You scrunch up your face and give the best whole face toothy grins.
  • You now smile at strangers and lay your head on my shoulder when they talk to you.
  • You crawl everywhere and like to see what’s inside cabinets, drawers and doors.  You have had a couple of pinched fingers despite our best attempts to stop you.
  • You are pulling to standing and occasionally if we are holding your hands will take a few steps.
  • You love to pull the books off the bookshelf and “play” with Vera’s doll house by disassembling her hard work.
  • You take a good nap from about 11am-2pm everyday so the house quiets down during that time and we all have a little down and screen time.
  • You love that Solon entertains you in the car seat while we go places and chit chat in the backseat.
  • You like to parrot sounds and love to bob up and down and clap to music.
  • You discovered Vera’s microphone and like to “sing” into that.
  • You love to swing at the park and go on walks as well as ride in your new jeep with your siblings.
You continue to have a sweet, calm and laid back demeanor.  You only get fussy if mommy doesn’t pick you up and hold you or you are overly tired and hungry or we leave you with strangers and you still see mommy.  Otherwise you go with the flow…you continue to learn and grow everyday and we love you so much!  We all had fun celebrating a wonderful year with our sweet “squish squish”, “lucykins”, “Lucygirl”.
Happy 1st birthday Lucille Violet
We love you so!

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