Lucy’s 10 Months Old

Oh my word child, life is moving fast and we have had another busy month!  You are growing and changing daily and doing lots of little new tricks.  I hope I remember to document them all.  Above all, people always comment on your sober demeanor, you are a little shy around strangers and don’t give away your smiles too easily and people always say how chill you are!  Let’s take a peak at what you are up to…

  • The biggest news this month is that you finally (WAHOOOOOOOO) slept through the night consistently.  I am sooooo proud of you :).
  • You also started trying table foods and regularly eat 3 meals a day.  Sometimes lunch is a random snack as you nap over lunch most days.
  • Your nap schedule is random due to school pick-up and drop-off.  You generally take a nap from 11:45-2 and then again from 3:30-5pm.  Its not always the same though as we have activities to go to.  You prefer your bed though but will still fall asleep in the car. You don’t transfer well yet.
  • You like purees but have a nasty habit of swatting at the spoon and making a hug spluttery mess.  Its normally as you are winding up eating…
  • You tried graham crackers this month as a snack and you gobbled it right up with your 6 little choppers (no new ones lately).
  • You are still wearing 6-12 month clothes but now wearing a few 12-18 month summer tops.  You have a long torso just like mom and dad!
  • You still have teeny tiny feet and wear size 1 shoes!
  • You love to babble and “talk” to us…you say “dada” and “momma” but they don’t mean anything yet.
  • You light up when you see any of us and just bounce and flail your arms — you love us so much and we love you.
  • You scoot all over the place on your bum and you are starting to find your siblings things!
  • You are starting to get up on all 4’s but just push yourself backward, you get frustrated.
  • You love to be read to and sung to.  
  • You clap for everyone, anytime someone cheers, you clap!
  • You are moving past baby toys and like to play with a plastic tea set, the doll house and anything else you can get your hands on…duplos are also a favorite.
  • You still love your white blanket and pacifier.  We always find a bunch under your crib.
  • You love to be outside and go on walks to get Solon from school. You are content to swing at the park for now…
  • You are content to play with toys while I get some work done around the house.
  • You are discovering there are things “above you” and trying to reach for them and you are also exploring the items on the bookshelves.
  • You normally get tired about 7:30pm and then get up anywhere between 6-7am.  If its before 7am, I feed you and lay you back down and you go back to sleep. We installed room-darkening curtains to help you not wake up with the sun!
Well this is late so you are inching closer to 11 months so I won’t spill the latest things you are up to until the next update!  We love you to the moon and back sweet girl…:)  You are just simply the squishiest and best!

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