Lucy’s 2 Months Old

Little Miss Lucy is growing up VERY fast no matter how much we try to stop and smell her newborn newness, she is very much growing into full fledged baby status! Smiles and all…and she hands them out more liberally these days, even to strangers especially in the morning!

She can hold her head up quite well and is still a very chill baby unless she is left alone too long without being held (shucks, mommy has totally done this to her…and I am good with it until I HAVE to get something done for one of the other kids or cook dinner, so then its into the baby carrier on mom’s chest we go).

I love when babies smile with their whole face – look at that head control…despite not loving tummy time!

…and then the lean that turns into the tip and then down they go!

Despite these pictures that make her feet look big, she has teeny tiny feet just like her siblings!
She does that the cutest cheeks just storing away for winter and punchable thighs for rolls for days!  
Here’s the latest with Lucy…
  • She has gained a 1/2 lb since birth, the only time its acceptable so gain away sweet girl :).
  • She weighs 12 lbs 8 oz (as of 8/31/15) – 76th % and is 22.5 inches (44th %) long (this is nearly identical to big brother, he was one ounce heavier at 2 months).  She also is in the 99th percentile for head circumference just like Bubby!  She is trending right on her growth line and just a little “above average”!
  • She is wearing size 1 diapers and size 3 month onesies (although she fills them out with her tum-tum!), size 3 month pants fit in the waist but are a bit long so we roll up when she wears pants, this week we are back to shorts and dresses.  She wore her first size 3-6 month PJ’s and they were big but not that big (sniff, sniff…growing too fast!). She still wears mostly 3 month PJ’s.
  • She officially has very little that carries over from big sis due to season and size variations so Grandma and Mommy get to go shopping :).
  • She generally goes to sleep for the night around 8:30pm, sometimes I join her and other nights I hold her until about 11pm – wake her enough to feed and then swaddle her for the night.  She usually gets up at least once in the night around 3-4am.  The last few nights we have been off after shots :(.  Mommy’s tired!
  • She eats about every 2.5-3 hours during the day for a total of about 7 feedings in a day
  • She normally has some serious wake times now – about an hour at a time sometimes longer and then about an hour nap between feedings, longer if we are out and she is in her carseat and not botherer or poked by her siblings.
  • And yes her sibling still LOVE her, they come into our room to see her first thing in the morning, Solon has to give her a kiss goodbye everyday and wants to hold her as soon as he gets home from school and they are usually all up in her business throughout the day!  She smiles and coos at them so she must like it ;).
  • Gas is $2.41 this month and milk is about $2.69/skim.  
  • Still sleeps in her rock n’play and is swaddled at night.
  • Graduated to the next size up MAM pacifier and is doing better holding it in and helps to soothe if you get woken up by said siblings ;0!
  • Experienced her first state fair, time with cousins, siblings birthday party, Solon’s first day of school, girls shopping trips and family walks…you just go with the flow.
  • You tolerated your oral rotovirus and 3 shots quite well…mommy was brave too but it is the saddest thing watching your face scrunch up in pain.
  • She kind of fusses when she is hungry and then if mom is holding her and I don’t feed her right away she gets the biggest most pitiful pout pout lip and cries.  
  • Could care less if she has a dirty diaper which is good because being #3 sometimes mama forgets ;)!
  • Normally goes through about 2 – 3 clothes changes in a day and several burp clothes due to spitting up but it isn’t causing growth issues SO we just don’t worry about it. 
  • Had her first babysitter for about an hour while we had kindergarten orientation and we all survived!
  • Looks at all sorts of things and is intrigued by fans and the kid’s birthday balloons.
  • Smiles at everyone and starting to babble and coo…
  • Gotten a few unintentional donks from her siblings and survived…one she just winced and kept sleeping…tough girl :/.
She is the sweetest, go with the flow, chill baby and we love her SO much.  She is the most coveted person in our house.  I love to kiss her cheeks and sweet nearly bald head (just peach fuzz).  She is growing so fast, I take every.single.opportunity to hold her and have dialed back lots of commitments and let go of certain expectations of myself so I can just really enjoy her.  We are so thankful for answered prayers and our sweet precious Lucy Violet!!! Happy 2 months baby girl…slow down, mommy has some snuggling to do!

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