Lucy’s 4 Months Old

And just like that we have a 4 month old healthy, happy and thriving baby girl.  In some ways it feels as though she has always been with us and some ways I can’t believe she is 1/3 of a year old.  It has gone SO fast.  We love experiencing all of her firsts with her and we are gearing up for a really fun and memorable holiday season!  Let’s see what our sweet lil’ pumpkin is up to this month.

  • We just had her 4 month appointment and she is right on track with all milestones!
  • She is 16 lbs 4 oz (85%) — 26 3/8″ height (41st%) — 17 3/8″ head circumference(100%)
  • She transitioned herself not only to her room this month but also to her crib.  She loves to sleep flat on her back best!  
  • She got her first cold this month (hard to imagine how given her siblings are constantly in her face and loving on her — yes they still love on her LOTS)
  • She is wearing 3-6 month clothes but has a long torso and shorter legs.  
  • She generally wakes up around 7:30-8am & eats, eats at 10:30-11am, 1:30-2pm, 4:30-5pm, 7:30pm and falls asleep after for the night, I nurse her one more time around 9:30-10pm, then she normally wakes up at least once (more when she had a cold) and nurses around 4am — then we start all over again.  
  • Nurses generally 7 times in 24 hours.
  • Was wearing size 2 diapers but tried a size 3 diaper today and they fit better so we will be exchanging the 2 remaining packs of size 2 diapers we were gifted for size 3!
  • Poops at least once if not twice a day and go through about 5-6 diapers a day.  
  • Has had a few blowouts this month including one at Nana and Papa’s which cleaned out the diaper bag of all the extras!
  • She is grasping at toys and putting them in her mouth.
  • Interested in her tongue and playing with it by sticking it out and back in.
  • Loves to coo and “chat” with you.
  • Will smile at you and laugh at you if you are really funny or bouncy!
  • Likes her pink blanket (from Nana/Papa) and white blanket and likes it against her face in her car seat or when you are holding her to sleep.
  • Still swaddle to sleep but she normally busts out by her 4 am feeding.
  • Doing better with her pacifier, she was on strike with it for a bit but it is good for soothing her and she is back to taking it.  She can even hold on to it now and occasionally get it back in while holding it!
  • Has no interest in tummy time and gets quite angry.  She can kind of kick her leg up a bit and get on her side but has not rolled over.
  • She loves to stand on her two legs and can hold her head up well.  
  • She can sit in her Bumbo for longer periods now.
  • Still likes to sit in her high chair and play with toys while we eat meals.
  • Plays with toys on links in her car seat and likes to talk to the baby in the mirror in the car.
  • We try to get her one nap in her crib a day but its hard with 2 older siblings and their schedule.
  • The doctor made a comment that she is mellow and she is, she just likes to be part of the action and not left alone too long — otherwise she really doesn’t fuss or complain.  
  • She has the BEST squishy thighs and teeny tiny little feet (they are still size newborn).
  • Still loved by her siblings, gets the occasional head donk from one of them and just takes it all in stride.  She does not like to be woken up from her naps by them though and they learned the natural consequence of a very sad baby when they didn’t obey mommy!  Needless to say, we are teaching the “let sleeping babies sleep” motto around here.
  • Likes her play mat and lights with music for short periods.  Occasionally falls asleep laying there. 
  • Tolerated her shots today like a champ, she stopped crying as soon as mommy scooped her up in her arms!
  • Was the cutest little glowworm (all my babies wore it) and Baby Anna to go along with big sister’s Elsa costume!
  • Still gets held lots of the time and loved on ALL the time 🙂
  • Doesn’t mind stroller rides to get Solon or riding in the Ergo carrier at ISU games or other places!
  • Looking forward to her first Christmas and Thanksgiving!

She is the sweetest, chunkiest in the cutest sort of way babe and we all love her to pieces.  This was the month we found out we were expecting last year (October 29).  I was in such shock that our wait was over and we were finally pregnant.  Little did we know, the pregnancy would be another wild adventure but I knew everyday I carried her then and everyday I hold her in my arms now, she was worth whatever I endured.  She completes our family and I just can’t imagine life without Lucille Violet.  

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