Lucy’s 5 Months Old

You can’t get much sweeter, more mild-mannered or happier than our sweet Lucille Violet!  She is happy 99% of the time, is quite flexible and just has a joyful disposition.  She is the perfect 3rd child as she just adapts nicely to the constant change in scenery.  Sometimes I pull her out of the car seat and she looks around I am sure thinking, “hmmm where did they take me now?”
5 months on 11.28.15 
(how is that possible?!)
This is how she smiles A LOT – with her whole face 🙂
Let’s take a peak into life with 5 month old Lucy:
  • She is now generally tired and ready for bed at 6:30-7pm.  We normally dress her in her pi’s, get on her halo fleece sleeping bag, nurse her, and lay her down to sleep in her crib with her little aquarium playing.  We turn on her fan to tune out the noise (imagine that) and off she goes for the night. Generally she either wakes up at 11pm for one more feeding or around 4am. Either way she sleeps then until about 7am, sometimes longer!
  • She nurses about every 3 hours during the day and is transitioning from catnaps to 3 naps.  She would love to take in her crib and so would I but the kids school schedule just doesn’t allow for that so I try really hard to get 2/3 in her crib!  She generally takes one solid nap for about 1.5 hours and then 2 shorter naps of about 45 minutes-1 hour.  She doesn’t transition well from her carseat so if we get home, I leave her in it to let her finish up her nap :).
  • She got a new carseat, hers expired and we were just not ready to have her be in a convertible.  Given she is not sitting up and we are on the go so much we figured we would use the infant seat until the end of next summer…
  • She is grasping at all sorts of toys and loves her O Ball, connecting rings, Sophie the Giraffe and her play mat.  She also sits in her bumbo and jumparoo for short stints.  She still sits in her vibrating chair while I get ready in the morning and likes her mamaroo while I prep dinner or her high chair.
  • We give her a sippy cup of water during dinner usually and it usually just pours out of her mouth but she can handle it better everyday, the kids get so excited.
  • We continue to try tummy time and she will roll every once in a long while and she starts out fine looking all around but gets mad after about 10 minutes.
  • Her “spitting up” volcano is getting better, we still have our moments but it improves everyday!

  • She loves her bath time and my bathroom always gets quite clean with all the splashing she does and wiping up we do 🙂  She doesn’t even mind water poured over her head — good girl!
  • She is transitioning from 3-6 month clothes to 6-12 month clothes and starting to wear 9 month jammies.  She wears size 3 diapers and we go through anywhere from 4-7 in a day.  She has blowouts frequently so we stocked up on oxiclean!

  • She likes to babble and eat her hands all the time.  She also will pull things to her mouth including siblings’ hands so she has had a cold on and off for the last month.
  • She nurses at about 7am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and then bedtime at about 7pm, and one more either at 11pm or 4am…for a total of 5-6 times.  She sometimes gets off due to naps…but she isn’t missing any meals ;).
  • She gets lots of compliments on her squishy cheeks and happy smile!
  • Loves to be sung to and talked to, she also loves will laugh but makes you work for it!
  • She had her first thanksgiving and 2nd trip away from home overnight to the lake. 
  • She met her new cousin Jude 
  • She is gearing up for her 1st Christmas! 

We love you to the moon and back, we love to squish you tight and kiss you over and over and over again.  This month is your first Christmas and you get to meet your cousin Ella (who is just 34 days younger than you).  You make life so happy!

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