Lucy’s 8 Months Old

2/3 of a year gone by in a blink of an eye.  Toots, you are just too much for my heart sometimes.  People ask us all the time, “Is she always this chill and happy?”  The answer is YES!  You only cry when someone harasses you one too many times (cough cough big siblings 😉 or you are hungry and even then its more of a whine cry.  You only REALLY cry when you bonk your head by falling from seated position or when you were on your tummy BUT yay you don’t mind it anymore now that you roll off it in 1 second ;)!  Your smile can make our heart sing, you are growing more curious by the day and are so proud of yourself and all your big new tricks.  We love you so much and are just so happy you are ours.   Now let’s hope that last 1/3 of the year SLOWS WAY DOWN (chances are not good!).  Let’s see what you are up to in month 8…

  • Took your first airplane ride to Florida and dipped your tootsies in the sand and surf.  You were a great traveler on the plane, in the airport and at the beach.  You took naps in arms and in your carseat and by day 3 on the beach, you tolerated the water on your toes and you were trying to take handfuls of sand and shovel it into your mouth (good fiber ;)!
  • You sit up all on your own and like to take toys out of your basket.
  • You bop up and down to music and LOVE to be sung to.
  • You can copy kissing a doll.  Mommy kisses a doll and then I say “kiss the doll” and you open mouth kiss the doll.  We have not gotten you to kiss us willingly yet ;)!
  • You can clap your hands.
  • You drool a lot but no more teeth, just the same bottom teeth.
  • We have finally got the solid food GI issues figured out.  Apple prunes to the rescue…I miss non-solid food diapers.
  • You go to bed around 7:30pm-8pm and generally wake yourself up at 11pm and 3am.  We don’t feed you anymore but have to soothe you a bit.  We are hoping this is short-lived.  You get up for the day happy around 7-7:30am.
  • After we got home from Florida, we started breakfast with you.  A little cereal mixed in with apple prunes, applesauce or pears so far.  (we have 4 more new fruits to try in month 9 – exciting)
  • We have covered all the vegetables at this point and you tolerate them all, but of course you like the orange veggies best.  We are now doing combos and you eat it all.  If we don’t feed you fast enough, you let us know.
  • You like to eat puffs on your own now, and my mother’s helper is always quick to tell me if you shovel them into your mouth TOO fast.  We got you 2 new flavors and you really like those too.
  • Still working on drinking out of a zippy cup, you like nursing best these days and we still nurse about every 3.5 hours for a total of 5 times)
  • Got your 2nd flu shot and cried for about 10 seconds and then were fine.  The nurse and I couldn’t believe it, you tough girl you!  I almost cried longer than that as your mommy!
  • Still wearing size 3 diapers, size 3-6 month shoes and size 6-12 month clothes.  You still have a longer torso and shorter legs (sorry girl both mom and dad gave you that).
  • You get so excited to see your family now and will make squeals and smile so big and flail your arms.
  • You are very attached to your white blanket and like your pacifier too.
  • You have settled into the gym and church nurseries (so far no stranger danger!)
  • You push up in a downward dog and then push back on your arms to scoot backwards and around the clock but still haven’t figured out all 4’s or forward motion.  You roll from your tummy to back but why would you want to roll back on to your tummy?!
  • You are trying so hard to get back up to sitting when you topple over but can’t quite yet.
  • Still loves to sit and play with toys, jump in the jumparoo, look at books, be entertained by your siblings or hang on mom’s lap while we tote the other 2 places.
  • Love to make BIG splashes in the bath these days and don’t mind water poured on your head.  You had baths with the bigs on vacation and you were so perplexed.  
We all love you to the moon and back and you are growing like a weed.  We don’t have any official measurements this month but you are happy and healthy!  Next month another plane ride and your first Easter with cousins.  It should be a really fun month.   
Happy 8 months Lucy Lou! 🙂

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