Life of Lucy Violet: Lucy’s 2nd Day…

Adrenaline was still coursing through our veins and so we were up early despite nearly no sleep!  I was anxious to get a shower and dressed in my own clothes.  I was feeling pretty good, Lucy was definitely my easiest postpartum but as soon as my kids come out, my body returns to normal – it’s really kind of crazy!  We of course couldn’t wait to get Lucy in some more clothes I got “just in case”.  A little monogram and cute bow or hat – of course!

Morning snuggles before more family comes to meet her…
My mom brought the gang around 10am and they hung out until about 11am when my dear friend Emilie arrived.  My mom, Ellen and M headed back to MN.  It was so fun hanging out with Emilie for a bit and the kids were excited to chill at the hospital and watch some TV.  Daddy took them to the hospital playground as well!
Then around lunchtime Scott’s sister’s family (Raquel) and his parents came bringing BBQ from Smokey D’s for lunch, yum!  They were all excited to meet Lucy…

Grace, Raquel holding Lucy, Josh and Lance

All the current grandkids minus Vera (who was starting to get sick of photos 😉
Two more are on the way though so this will be out of date soon!!!

Little Lucy, still quite sleepy – no one saw much of her beautiful blue eyes!

Uncle Josh…

Vera was all about Uncle Josh and opening up her big sister gift.  
As an aside Solon said we should have babies more often because they get lots of gifts….nice try buddy!

Seriously…squishy cheeks, cute bow and monogram on a baby – she is just asking to be pinched because of cuteness!

Proud cousins…

…and a very excited Auntie!
We all hung out for a while after lunch and then Raquel, Josh, Nana and Papa planned for an overnight slumber party at a hotel in Ankeny.  The kids were SO excited!  They headed there to swim, ate dinner out, and apparently had happy hour cookies which were very exciting.  They also had complimentary breakfast and the kids were excited about having fruit loops (which I don’t buy) and pancakes!  Apparently, Vera assigned sleeping arrangements in their room, and Nana had to sleep with her and poor Papa had to sleep with a very restless sleeper Solon!  The kids even slept in, they were playing hard while we were at the hospital.  What a special treat for them!

Scott and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon with Lucy and just relaxed quietly after a short night of sleep!  We had two ladies from small group, Julie and Lindsay, stop by that evening for a short visit.  And then we spent the evening watching the Bachelorette and taking turns holding little miss Lucy…

My heart was and still is bursting with love for this little one.  I had wanted to meet her for so long so in between kisses, I prayed many prayers of gratitude to God.  A friend just told me, blessings are sweeter after a trial and I would do anything for my kids but my pregnancies are just a touch refining and holding them in my arms is my sweet blessing for sure!

Poor girl had blue mittens, I had some for Vera but of course who knows where they went.  Of course Grandma could not let that go, so she had girly ones soon after this :).

Just a little snuggling with mom and dad…

…and this pose has been on repeat for the last 21 days!  It never gets old and I know it will end someday so I am going to work later and snuggle now :).

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