Life of Lucy Violet: Week 2

Highlights from Week 2:
  • Lucy continues to sleep much of the time with a few wake periods, one in the morning while we are all snuggling in bed around 8:30 am for anywhere from a half hour to an hour and then one in the afternoon before dinner time and one after the kids go to bed.  (Very similar to her wake pattern in the womb :). 
  • Still wearing newborn clothes and size newborn diapers and eating every 3 hours around the clock.  
  • Mommy is feeling great despite lack of sleep, the first two weeks of her life I felt amazing compared to being pregnant…it was like being healed of a chronic illness.  I felt like a different woman – praise the Lord!
  • Grandma stayed until Tuesday morning and then we were on our own the rest of Tuesday.
  • Had family pictures on Wednesday morning so daddy stayed home in the morning and then had another quiet afternoon solo.  Wednesday evening was our first family of 5 outing to swimming lessons and then we followed up with dinner (I was feeling adventurous I guess), we survived and I nursed in the booth :/.  Lucy is not a huge fan of the nursing cape yet and either is mommy.
  • Thursday was our our first FULL solo day and we survived!  
  • Friday was our first mommy flying solo trip to tumbling class.  Lucy had her first car nursing session…this girl is learning to roll with what comes her way!
  • Our mornings consist of a large cup of coffee in bed with all the kids snuggled in after Lucy’s 8am feeding.  We generally don’t make it downstairs before 9am and some of us are still in PJ’s.  Morning cartoons and more snuggles while general house maintenance happen like emptying the dishwasher, clearing the morning dishes and anything else that can get done in about 10 minutes (Lucy is growing to like the mamaroo but this week we are at about 10 minutes in it).  
  • There are lots of snuggles and card games throughout the day.  Our favorites while mommy holds Lucy include Go Fish, Memory and Crazy 8’s.  We also read books and the kids are doing a good job of keeping themselves busy for the most part or playing with the neighbors.
  • We are so thankful for delivery of meals as dinner time can be tricky with 3 hungry little mouths to feed.
  • We rounded out the week with watching the city-wide parade and neighborhood block party.  It was so hot so she made her debut an then spent much of the time in the comfort of the AC.  (more on that in our July in pictures post)

That hand…SQUISH!

The face of a mom of 3 flying solo for the first time…

Morning snuggles – laundry folding optional these days…it takes about 3 days to complete the full cycle of laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away and sometimes we are digging to find what we need out of the clean pile 😉

Little Lucy in the one and only newborn outfit ALL 3 of my kiddos wore – a comparison post coming

More morning snuggles, everyone loves to hold Lucy so we all take turns

Trying some tummy time…she does best at the end when she gets mad!

She is always folding her legs while nursing..I just love to stare and rub those little tootsies…

Getting more alert by the day in her stylish pineapple number (and Vera’s favorite outfit for her).  Vera loves to pick out her clothes and the Elmo diapers are the first ones to go from a pack…

We did attend the city-wide parade and neighborhood block party to round out week 2 with lots of friends.  A yearly tradition we look forward to all year long.

…She is a mama’s girl and just to be sure I don’t pawn her off, she likes to hold on tight!

Mommy and Lucy on her 2 week birthday!

…and bright eyed and bushy-tailed with mommy in the evening 🙂 She has dark beautiful blue eyes like her sister and brother, courtesy of their daddy!

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