Vera’s 11 Months Old

How can this be my LAST post before my darling, sweet, vivacacious, wild, BUSY little lady is ONE?  I have to admit, I am slow to put this up for a variety of reasons but mostly because I am in SERIOUS denial that my lady is growing up SO fast.  Here is what she is up to this month!
She finally has 2 front bottom teeth…she had no teeth and then boom 2 came in at almost the exact time….she is crabby again SO I think the same is going to happen on top, because she is pretty swollen 🙁

This is so her – busy, marches to her own drum and is opinionated 😉  Doesn’t want the sticker on, by goodness, she will take the sticker off and wave it in triumph…yep that is what is happening in that picture 😉
Round #150 of her taking the sticker off – I gave up…atleast she was sitting still and smiling – I will take it 😉
This is what Little Miss Vera is up to in Month 11:
  • If I haven’t mentioned it before, our little lady is on the move CONSTANTLY.  If she is not sticking something in her mouth, she is into something she shouldn’t be (despite my attempts at baby proofing)  I am constantly vacuuming and picking up so that something doesn’t find its way into her mouth…she ate a bug today (I fished it out of her mouth – I am over being grossed out, I just react 😉
  • She is crawling, climbing up stairs, hoists herself on to furniture and anything that looks remotely like it could hold her
  • She drinks out of a sippy with water
  • Eats 3 meals a day and is liking a more wide variety of foods
  • LOVES grapes, cinnamon gerber puffs, yogurt drops, yogurt, strawberries, Mexican, lasagna, beans, shredded cheese, cheesey potatoes, pepperoni (weird I know)
  • Still doesn’t love her veggies unless they are sweet potatoes or squash but tried broccoli this month and ate it and likes peas
  • Wants whatever you are eating and will screach until you give it to her – no need for signing for her – you know what she wants
  • Has a morning snack around 10AM
  • Still nurses 5 times a day (I am trying and failling at weaning her) but it will happen I know – I didn’t have to do it with Solon because he weaned himself
  • Takes an afternoon nap from 1-3:30 or 4pm each day
  • Sleeps from 7:15pm-6am (nurses and goes back to bed until 7:30AM)
  • Likes to look at books
  • Likes to play with toys
  • Loves to play with Solon and laughs when they wrestle and do silly things
  • Always exploring and checking out everything
  • Raises her hands up to signal she wants to be carried
  • Says mama and I think means it, babbles a lot and tells us “stories”
  • Scales all the furniture and starting to walk along while holding on to 1 or 2 hands
  • HATES to have her diaper changed – goes through 3 or 4 a day
  • Still wears 9 month clothing or 6-12 month clothing – she is a peanut 😉
  • Wears size 3 diapers
  • Recently overcame a STRONG distaste for the bathtub but alas she likes it again thankfully
  • Loves to swing
  • Likes to ride in the bike pull behind
  • Recently noticed the TV for the first time and it catches her attention for 5 minutes here and there
  • Still likes to use her pacifier and now puts it in her mouth if she finds one
  • Loves her blanket to sleep
  • Always standing up in her bed waiting for us to come get her
  • Happy and smiley most of the time
We love her spitfire, adventurous, percocious personality.  Her big brother helps to shepherd her and keep her out of trouble MUCH to her dismay.  She is a lovey and likes to cuddle with me at each feeding and we snuggle extra long at bed each night (It is allowed they grow up TOO fast).  It is fun to see her little personality shine and of course we couldn’t love her ANY bit more if we tried….better start planning her very special first birthday!!!!

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