Happy 3rd Birthday Vera

Wow!  Time travels so incredibly fast.  The old adage, “The days may be long but the years go by fast,” often plays in my head.  As we are knee-deep in training years.

Vera is 3 and seems so grown-up lately.  I look at her and just take her all in. She holds her own around our house these days, chiming in on everything, and finding a moment to share her thinking.  Between Solon and her, there is always somebody telling us a story. 🙂  I love to hear what is on their little minds and what pops out of their mouth.  When she shares, you get a glimpse that she is a little sponge, taking in her surroundings and processing it.  Those little gears in her mind are just a going these days.

People say she is my “mini me” and I take that as such a compliment.  She is so beautiful with her beach blonde hair recently styled by my hair stylist into the sweetest little bob (now we really are twinkies).  She has the deepest blue eyes, long luscious eyelashes and the sweetest looks that could just melt your heart.  When she cries, she still makes the biggest, saddest tear drops that just beckon to be kissed away.

She is tender-hearted and fierce all at the same time.  Wants to keep up but sensitive when she gets hurt.  She plays so well independently and will play for hours with her tea set, dollies and in her yellow house.  She is a hoarder and if something goes missing, we normally look in her house first.  We are working on training her domestic side, specifically in home keeping (wink, wink!).

She is SO curious.  Her favorite question is “Why” to which I started replyling “I don’t know Margo” (from the movie Christmas Vacation) which always gets a hearty giggle from V.  She is also into wiping my kisses away which has become a bedtime game.  I kiss her, she wipes it away and a tickling match breaks out – all followed by lots of sweet Vera giggles that make this mama’s heart melt.

She has an opinion these days from her clothes to the pull-up she wears to the way you tuck her in.  She likes one blanket, layered upon the next and heaven help you if you don’t do it right (it is so sweet, it’s a battle I don’t pick ;).

For her birthday, she was so excited to get matching clothes and jammies for her and bitty baby from her grandparents.  She loves to change babies clothes and is so motherly to her dollies.  They are all named “Baby” despite our best attempts to sway her. She often holds them on her hip (just like mommy does with her) and bobs them up and down.  I guess someone is watching their mama…

She often will put her hands on her hips and cross her legs and it is enough to put us over the edge.  She really is my mini me!  She is also so girly…I mean so girly.  Loves to do “make-up” with Aunt Ellen and got her own set of brushes, lip gloss, and mirror so she can get ready with mommy in the morning :).

She is totally #2 and I was feeling so guilty that she hadn’t learned as much as Solon academically…but then all of a sudden she whipped out this week the ability to count to 12 and knows all of her shapes, colors and can recognize signs, places and names so I guess I haven’t completely messed her up.  She loves to be read to and that is a part of our daily return before “rest time” and bed time.

She recently has been a turkey for those two times, often crying out for mommy and daddy and we have had to pour on the tough love. She is definitely showing her defiant side and we have been sharing her job is to obey…with repeated trips to time-outs, she seems to get it for a while and then a few weeks later we are back to training (it’s just about the time I think, wow, we have a really good week 😉 = keeps you humble!).

She is still petite.  Weighing in at a whopping 24 lbs (5th percentile – just barely on the charts) and 36 inches tall (40th percentile).  It now makes sense why even leggings fall off of her.  She needs 3t for height but even leggings need to be sewn in. That is not my mini-me, that is her father!!!  Our little string bean!  She still has teeny tiny feet, wearing a size 7.

She is the pickiest non-eater ever (hence her size).  She eats when she wants to and normally we force her to eat her years in food (3 bites of each item on your plate before you can leave the table) and some nights, she will sit there a LONG time.  When she is hungry, she eats though. Her favorites are snack-type foods.  Clif Z bars, goldfish, fruit snacks, gatorade, grapes, townhouse crackers, pita chips, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milk.

So there is our peanut. She lights up our life and is equal parts sugar and spice!  We love her to the moon and back and thank God for our sweet girly girl every day.  We snuggle her up when she will let us and love watching her blossom into the beautiful creation God made her to be.  Happy Birthday sweet Vera Ann.  We love you so much!!!!

Here is a look back at the last year…

Turning 2

Fall at the orchard

Playing with big brother

Spending time with Madelynne at Disney World

Playing with her favorite, Auntie Ellen

Checking out Santa at Macy’s in NYC

The many silly moments of Vera…

The zoo…

Branson in March with Nana…

A nice April day to play with buddies…

Always keeping us on our toes…

Fishing at the lake…

Matching her dolly!

We love you Vera Ann, keep shining 🙂

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