May 2016 Pictures

The first day of May this year fell on a Sunday and Vera’s dance recital!  We are all a little tired but we couldn’t pass up “May Day” so we scrounged the pantry, popped popcorn and did some ding-dong ditching!  The kids love this tradition :)!

Vera finally got her own pair of glasses from Grandma (and claire’s)…she has a fashion sense of her own!  I cannot dress her and if I have to for some reason like church…we better have ample time!

She loves to help me in the kitchen…Nana’s birthday was in May so we invited her over for cake to celebrate.  We made it her a snickers cake and Vera was a great cake chef.  It’s daddy’s new favorite dessert :).  Thank you Betty Crocker cookbook!

exhibit A on the fashionista – 🙂
We had great weather in May to spend lots of time outdoors after school, in the evenings and get some projects done on the weekend!  The kids got their ceremonial new slip n’ slide and it has already  gotten lots of mileage!

Even Lucy got in on the water fun with her own bucket of water!  She now has a pool of her own :)…which the big kids get in all the time!

We celebrate Mother’s day weekend by going to one of my favorites for lunch — Noodle Zoo.  I love to eat outside in the summer and we did just that.  Vera and Scott also made chocolate covered strawberries and treated me to breakfast in bed.  I got a ceramic to go mug since I rewarm my coffee several times before I finish it.  I love it :)!  I also got a tee shirt I had been eyeing but couldn’t justify purchasing from Etsy!

On Mother’s day we attended the send off ceremony of our good friend Josh.  He is deployed this year to Afghanistan for nearly a year.  He leaves behind his wife and 3 children.  They are in our small group and we do our best to support them but its hard.  I have a deepened appreciation for our armed forces families and all  they do to keep us safe and free!

Vera had her end of the year performance at preschool in May and Grandma, Nana and Papa all came.  Vera was so excited but would not look nor smile at us…she was a serious performer!  It was so cute!  She has had a great year and blossomed and grown right before our eyes.  She loves going 2 mornings a week, next year will be 3 mornings a week and then after that we are not discussing ;)!

We spent many morning shipping the boys off to work and school and then spending some down time at home playing and doing house chores.  The girls enjoy playing together.  I pulled down this special farm toy my mom got the kids from Switzerland.  We had one just like it when we were little we got when we lived there!

And when you are this cute…mom just has to snap a picture!  Such a smiley babe and at that time still wore headbands…not anymore!

Saturday morning reading session…be still my heart!

May was crazy – did I mention that? We had a neighborhood garage sale and I had planned on getting rid of the totes and totes of baby things we no longer needed.  So much work but it was all gone by Friday and a pile went to Salvation Army and few things for the consignment store…feels good to have cleaned out but again so much work.  My inlaws helped with the kids and my friend Emilie took Vera one afternoon — it took a village!

Solon tried tee ball this year and LOVED it!  He wants to play baseball next year.  We went with parks and rec this year to test the waters since group sports have always caused him anxiety in the past.  We kind of wondered if school would help that and playing sports in gym and on the playground, never the less he loves it.  The weather one weekend was 50 degrees and FREEZING and then the next weekend upper 80s and sweltering.  That’s what you get with baseball!

Scott has helped out in the field this season!  Nana and Papa have gotten to come to two games and see Solon play!  Vera likes that we are right next to the baseball park and Nana takes her over to play!

This picture just made me laugh…they were all bellied up to the bar one day at lunch.  One of those moments that makes you smiles because I always envisioned 3 kiddos eating lunches here when we bought our house ;)….

So we got our new lead pastor at our church and his family arrived in May!  We celebrated with an ice cream social at our church.  I had a great team helping me coordinate the event.  We had giant yard games, bubbles, chalk, a photo booth and a yummy ice cream sundae bar complete with church lady snacks (you know the really yummy bars they make ;).  Everyone played and socialized just how we hoped they would…the weather cooperated too to make it a great event.  We were asked to coordinate the church picnic in September so I guess we met the mark!

Our family enjoyed a game of giant Ker’plunk on the lawn…Solon won!

We had many a playdate with the Porter’s and now that is nice we can enjoy playing outside again – yay!  The girls play so well together!

Vera finished preschool for the year!

And Solon continued strong in May.  His favorite activity was typing up a non-fiction book he wrote on snakes in the computer lab, complete with pictures and then going to first grade classrooms to read it.
We finished off May with our first trip to the lake for the season!  Solon was so excited about it, he wrote about it at writer’s workshop! Grandma framed this sweet note.  They love that my kids love the lake SO much!

…and I made a shirt too — “take me to lake waconia”…
More on our lakeside shenanigans in its own post.  May was busy, fun and full of activity.  We are in full on summer around here!  And we are loving it 🙂

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