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I remember gathering all the necessary supplies — cups, pipe cleaners, popcorn, and candy.  Then, my mom would help my sister and I make homemade May Day baskets.  When we were all done we would hop in the car and my mom would drive us to our friends’ homes.  We would dash out of the car, race to the door, place the cup on the porch and ding the doorbell before racing back. You didn’t want to get caught or you would get kissed!  Do you participate in the May Day basket Tradition?


Passing on The May Basket Tradition

May 1st is next week and you better believe we will be making and passing out May Baskets.  They have been counting down the days for weeks now!  Last year, I took a poll on my insta-stories and less than 50% knew what a May Day basket was so I thought it was my duty to fill you all in on the sweetest little tradition!  Funny enough, May baskets used to be a fun tradition across the USA but over the decades, the fun tradition has died out.  You can read more about May Baskets here.

The good news is you can bring the fun to your neighborhood.  When we first moved into our neighborhood very few people knew what a May Day basket was and I had to text them to let them know there was a treat the door.  However, more people participated the following year.  Now, there is no shortage of doorbells dinging and racing feet around our neighborhood.

The May basket tradition may have died off but you can quickly rekindle it with your kids!  What better way to treat your friends and neighbors and spread a little bit of cheer.


How to Make a May Day Basket

You don’t even have to go to the store.  We often use solo cups and fill the cup with popcorn and candy!  You can make a handle out of a pipe cleaner and use a hole punch to affix the pipe cleaner to the handle.  You can also use strips of decorated paper and attach it to the cup with staples! If you don’t have cups, a rolled up paper-cone with a paper handle does the trick too!  It doesn’t really matter what’s in the cup!  Fill the cup with popcorn, candy, raisins or any other treats you would like.


Will you try May Day Baskets?

If you don’t do it in your area, start it!  What better way to get to know your neighbors and spread joy to your friends!  In an era of technology and less human interaction, it’s fun to pass on a fun tradition!  We might not be able to prank call the boy we like anymore but we can teach our kids the fine art of ding-dong ditching (within reason of course ;)!  The simplicity of the basket makes it an easy activity to do even if you forget until the last minute which is what usually happens around here!  Happy May Day!


May Day 2015



Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.
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