Memorial Day 2016

After arrival, it took Grandpa about 5 minutes to ask the kids to jump into the hot tub and a few seconds later they were all in enjoying the inaugural swim of the year!  The lake is meant for late nights and lots of fun!  It also results in good sleep ;)!

The next morning it was pancakes cooked outdoors on the fire and morning fun outside!  
Breakfast was barely over and we were in the hot tub for some wild pirate boat sailing in the rough hot tub seas…as a side note I love being a fun mom and for some reason when I am away from the demands at home, its easier!  I love to have fun at the lake with my kids :)!

That afternoon a storm blew in with lots of rain so my mom had planned to take us to Minnesota’s largest candy store!  It was busy since it was raining but we left with 2 grocery paper sacks full of random candy!  Some specialty pops to try and random candies…I think the adults found as many treats as the kids :).  It was a fun adventure on a rainy lake day…
My cousins (who are like my brothers) came along with Alex’s girlfriend Marcie!  They even stayed in the bunk room with our kids.  There are 8 twin beds in there an they are all numbered.  My kids usually sleep in bed 3 and 4.  My mom is master decorator, your bed corresponds to your towel hook # too :).  Genius!

My grandparents (dad’s parents) came too and we celebrated my grandfather’s birthday.  He was so tickled we remembered him and enjoyed all the singing.  SO thankful my kids get to spend so much time with them.  We see them quite often and I love it!

Sunday we woke up to beautiful, warm weather so we played hard all day on every toy we own.  From the Maui Mat and slide, to tubing and boat riding, to jet skiing and hot tubbing!  There was no shortage of fun!

I even got to tube again after a year off because of having a baby!

Solon also learned how to paddle board this year and we all took turns paddling around!
We also did some fishing and caught lots of sunfish and blue gill off the dock.

…and more swimming in the hot tub (kept at a nice 98 degrees for some spoiled grandkids :)!

Lucy even enjoyed her new pool from grandma and grandpa before we brought it home!
We are growing another crop of lake babies!  We have already been back for a weekend with friends and are gearing up for my 23rd 4th of July at the Lake.  It’s a special tradition, I have only missed a few times (my honeymoon, Lucy’s birth and I think that is it ;).

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