Minnesota Day 2 and 3…

We decided to hit up a fan favorite, The Minnesota Children’s Museum, located in downtown St. Paul.   It has SO many fun exhibits.  We stopped the traveling exhibits, dinosaurs, but the kids were anxious to get to their favorite exhibit…it has the word “nature” in it and on the top floor, can’t remember the title but it is SO fun.  It has an ant hill filled with tunnels, slides, and ramps to crawl in.  It also has a little river to splash around in and then you can also crank clouds to make an inflatable cloud blow up and form a thunderstorm in the room.   We spent a good hour in there…. 

Next up, the floor below but they had to test out a photo booth….a first for my kiddos!

I could see them taking the photos, Vera was so serious…
Another fan favorite is the little mock city complete with bus, restaurant, post office, doctor’s office, grocery store, etc.  Solon LOVES to be the mailman and deliver all the mail to all the mailboxes.  They also had fun grocery shopping.
We hit up the water exhibit where you can race boats and play with bubbles….we caught a snack during a sing-along song time in the atrium and then finished up way after lunch time and stopped next door and had Subway in the sky walk.
My kids love to watch the pennies drop.  We stopped at my favorite store, Charming Charlie’s, on our way home and Grandpa took the kiddos into an adjacent toy store.  They walked out with a zipline for the lake!
That night we introduced Grandma and Grandpa to “Frozen”, they loved it too 🙂  Grandma even popped popcorn on the stove top…yum!

The next morning we had a lazy morning, the kiddos made a craft for Great-grandma’s hospital room and signed it.
Vera then wrapped Grandpa around her finger and had him get all sorts of things out in the basement…I couldn’t stop laughing when I walked down to see this…
Meanwhile, Solon and Grandma were snuggling upstairs!
We had to say good-bye to Grandma and Grandpa so we could make our date with Auntie Ellen at school.  We took her lunch and ate in her classroom.  Solon and Vera had fun checking it all out…Solon’s only suggestion was she needed a piano…fitting, actually :)!
He looks way too comfy in that chair….stay small buddy just a little longer!
Vera found the books…
We let Ellen get some work done during that coveted teacher “prep” time and we headed off.  After a fun-filled, spoiled week at Grandma and Grandpa’s….Vera looked like this 5 minutes after leaving.

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