Mother’s Day Gifts That Mean the Most

On Mother’s Day last year, I heard whispers and bounding feet as they headed down to the kitchen to concoct some sort of yummy breakfast.  It was no surprise, as the kids the night before told me under no uncertain terms to not get out of bed.  When my husband, opened the door I was greeted with the biggest grins and a tray complete with homemade cards, scrambled eggs and toast.

They could hardly contain their excitement, mom mom mom do you love it? Do you like it?  Then, I opened each card with greetings like you are the best mom in the world from Solon to I love Mom, the only thing Vera knew how to write independently to a chicken scratch meant to signify some sweet sentiment from and daughters

Those are the same memories I remember from my childhood.  My sister and I worked tirelessly in the basement kitchen to mix coffee grounds straight into the water, not knowing you had to brew it or that my mom would have preferred a Diet Coke to our acidic concoction!

Then, we climbed the 3 flights of stairs in our townhome to deliver the delectable brown drink to her bedside, waking her from a sound sleep to let her know how much we loved her.

Little did I know as a child, that those sweet, thoughtful gestures are the very “gifts” moms want.  There’s nothing better than a hand-written note affirming that you are in fact “the best mom in the whole wide world” For one moment, the mom guilt subsides and maybe, just maybe you aren’t failing at all.

If all else fails, and you feel like you need to do a little something in addition to a sweet note, I asked on social media what it is that moms really want for Mother’s Day and they delivered some great ideas!  I concur!  I have divided up the ideas into categories. You can get creative and create a certificate or coupon or just have to take care of the task!  Flowers and their favorite treat never hurt either!



Remember, above all else the sentiments you share and the memories you make really mean the most.  Several commenters said they really just wished for one more Mother’s Day with their child or their own mother or the chance to celebrate Mother’s Day.  It puts things into perspective!

It’s easy to focus on the gifts and making it perfect but truly what makes it so special is the fact that we can celebrate the gift of motherhood.

May you all have a blessed Mother’s Day and for those aching to be mother’s, I am praying for you today too.  I know this day can be especially bittersweet for those grieving children, mothers and the chance to become a mother!



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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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