Top 10 Home Organization Ideas

I am a type-A personality and recovering perfectionist but I do believe in order in the home for the sake of my sanity if nothing else.  I heard at a recent MOPS meeting that 80% of your life should be organized and the other 20% you can let go…so here you go.  So with that in mind, here are my top 10 home organization tips!

Top 10 BEST Home Organization Ideas

meal planner accessory kit


Meal Plan

I meal plan once a week.  I start by writing out our schedule for the next week in my paper planner from my phone and then pick meals based on our schedule.  From there, I order my groceries online to be picked up.

I love to keep my meal plans in this meal planning journal so that I can remember what I have made in the past if I get stumped on what to cook for my family.  I also ask them because they always have an opinion!

Family Calendar

When an activity comes up that pertains to the family, I make sure when I enter into my long range calendar on my phone I invite my husband so he can put it on his calendar.

Then, once a week I sit down with a weekly paper planner and record what we have each week so I can easily see what we have going on and make a meal plan that matches.

Sort Mail Right Away

We have a community mailbox so we usually pick up the mail on our way home.  So, before I event go in the house I recycle all the junk mail, give the kids mail that needs to be shredded and then sort everything else where it needs to go.  Bills go on my desk, medical records go on the basement stairs to be filed by Scott.  No piles of mail on my kitchen counter allowed!

SW Mount Etna mud room lockers

Shoe and Coat Center

In our current house, we have a mudroom with a coat closet that houses all of our out-of-season outerwear and Scott’s shoes.

To keep it simple and manageable for the kids to hand independently, they each have a shoe bin and we just installed a new board and batten coat hook area so all 4 kids have a hook to hang their backpacks.  We had some lockers but more space is helpful!


In our first house, we didn’t have a mudroom so we turned our basement stairs into one since it just happens to be next to the back door.  A shoe cubby and hooks work great!  We rotate out seasonally the coats so they don’t attack you as you go downstairs.

Have a Designated Space for Toys

In our first two homes we turned our front entryway coat closet into a main floor toy storage closet.  All our toys are stored in Rubbermaid container and games are stacked on shelves.  When the day is done, we can close the door!  You can read more about how I organize toys in this post.


In our current house, we have both a downstairs walk-in toy closet and designated cabinets in the main floor family room for some of the most popular toys.

living room built in toy cabinets top organizing ideas

Everything has a home

Not only does everything have a home, everyone in the home knows where that home is :)!  I like to label bins so that everyone knows where things go.

Declutter Regularly

The less you have to organize the better.  Don’t organize things you don’t need or use.  Think of decluttering like a regular maintenance task like dusting or seasonal cleaning.

Read about the top decluttering excuses and how to overcome them here.

5 Minute Tidy

At the end of the day or before you have guests, set a timer and get all hands on deck to pick the pillows up off the floor, put the toys in the toy closet, and do a quick vacuum.  Taking care of picking up daily helps you stay on top of the clutter and stay organized.  Plus, racing against the timer is motivating for kids!

create a weekly to do list and family calendar top organizing tips

Create a Weekly To-Do List

Often times, I think of something I need to do and then I get interrupted and forget. Plus, some days things don’t get done no matter how hard you try so instead of feeling frustrated you didn’t get it done that day, make a weekly to do list you can work toward all week.

Just Remember…

Organization should be functional first.  Often times we are inspired by beautifully organized spaces.  Cute decorative baskets and darling label tags.

Baskets are great for housing like items and labeling can make your life easier when you are trying to locate seasonal decor but form and function should be the priority.  D

on’t get too specific in your labels and try to use clear totes and see-through baskets so you can easily see what you have.

No functioning home is ever perfect, pile free, or spotless but an organized home can help you feel less frazzled and ready to take on the world!  What are your favorite organizational tips?

Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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10 best home organization tips

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