5 New Years Resolution Mistakes to Avoid & How to Make Resolutions That Will Stick

The clock is about to strike midnight on 2021 and I think everyone is ready to usher out 2020 and bring on the hope and promise of a new year.

Along with a new year, comes new years resolutions but nearly 80% of new years resolutions fail. There are 5 new years resolution mistakes people make and I want you to avoid them so you can find success in 2021 so let’s point out those mistakes. Plus, give some simple, purposeful tips to find success in 2021.

5 New Years Resolution Mistakes to Avoid

Go Big or Go Home

The new year means a clean slate and with that comes a whole lot of motivation to accomplish all those goals you didn’t achieve last year. The problem is when we have too many goals, we most likely won’t achieve them.

So, instead choose one simple goal to work on. You might have heard it said, a hundred pebbles don’t make as much of a splash as one boulder. Put all your focus on one simple goal. When you find success in that area, that will propel you forward and you can move on to the next goal.

Simple steps lead to big change over time.

Everyone Else is Doing It!

You might not set out to make new years resolutions like everyone else but often we see others striving for specific goals and so we say, “yeah I will do that too.” Soon, you have a long list of goals others want to achieve.

Just because that goal is a right fit for someone else, does not mean it’s the right fit for you. Before choosing a resolution, ask yourself if that’s something you really want to work on. If not, let others go for that goal and pick one that’s a good fit for YOU!

Pick a new years resolution that’s a good fit for you.

top new years resolution mistakes to avoid

Being Too General

I want to get healthy this year, drink more water, spend less time online, you name it the resolutions are endless. However, if you aren’t specific in what the resolution looks like, how will you know if you have achieved success?

Instead of a general resolution, try being specific so you know where you are going and you can better navigate how to get there. Check out this post for more tips on creating smart goals.

Be specific about what you want to achieve so you know what success looks like.

Not Knowing Your Why

Kids are the most curious people on the planet. They ask on average 40,000 questions between the ages of 2 to 5. The most popular question they ask – why? While as a parent, it’s exhausting, kids can teach us a valuable lesson.

Knowing why is essential in motivating you to continue. If you set a new years resolution but you don’t know why you are doing it, you are likely to quit when things get hard.

Know WHY you are setting your new years resolution.

It’s Too Big

I don’t know if its the new years euphoria or a little too much champagne but people can get pretty lofty with their new years resolutions. While it’s great to dream big dreams, it’s also important to break it down into manageable steps.

If you have a big dream, ask yourself what it looks like to get to that place from where you are today. Then, focus on that next step on the path to get to where you want to go.

Have a map detailing how you are going to get from here to that big dream.

An Alternative to New Years Resolutions

Instead of new years resolutions, I pick a word of the year I want to be my anthem. In years past I have chosen words like – gratitude and blessing. Read more about choosing your word of the year here.

setting good new years goals

Just Remember…

When it comes to new years resolutions, a year is a long time. You don’t need the world’s greatest new years resolutions. What you need is something simple to focus on and that you can do now. What will set you on the path of where you want to go? Start there and be consistent. Simple steps done consistently lead to big change.

Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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5 new years resolution mistakes to avoid

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