One of My Dreams….

Let me share a little known secret about myself, I love to talk.  I know, I will wait, while you recover from the shock.  I also love to write, surprised? Me too!  Kind of.  I have always had the gift of gab and became more interested in writing in high school when I wrote and edited my high school paper (I hate to edit my own work now so forgive the thousands of typos I know are there….).  Word and I we get along.  Talking does pose problems with listening though and so I have to work.very.hard to be a very good listener.  But when I get in front of people I light up and glow.  Many people would do anything to NOT get in front of a group and then there is me over in the corner with both hands raised, bouncing off my seat just waiting for the chance.

So one of my dreams is to be able to speak more with a purpose.  One of my favorite parts of my last job was being able to speak and motivate teachers.  The politics – not so much.  SO I am going to put it out there that if you ever need someone to speak, I would love to be your gal.  I am humble enough to say I know a lot of absolutely nothing but love to talk about everything.  I am educated but does that matter? My passions are kids, teaching, marriage, family, encouraging women/mothers and of course God.  I have this burning desire to share His love and encourage people in this thing we call life….

So there you have it – one of my secrets….I would love to be a motivational speaker…not sure if I would motivate anyone besides a mouse to get out of my garage especially since I spend 24 hours a day motivating toddlers to no avail…but what I find with God is when He gives you a passion, He will create opportunities in due time.

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