Kid-Friendly Way to Organize Kid Dishes

Kid Dish Organization that Promotes Independence

With 3 kids, the amount of times someone needs a drink is too many to count. Someone is always thirsty and they have a strong opinion on their glass type and color, amen?   So, I asked myself this question, “Is there a spot in the kitchen that the kids can easily access and can store their dishes?” 

Setting up an organizational system to promote independence in the kitchen is important.  They can get their own drinks and help with household chores.  Double win!  My kids have a few daily chores and that includes setting and clearing the table as well as unloading the dishwasher.  In order to do that successfully, their dishes had to be accessible so they could independently take care of the tasks.

In our home, we have a kitchen island with a couple of large drawers.  The middle drawer houses all of our towels.  This is important because there are plenty of spills around here (just us?) and they can quickly run and find a towel.  The bottom drawer was a perfect place to store all the plastic dishes, glasses and water bottles my kids used.  In addition, I placed the kid silverware in the front of a drawer where they could easily see and grab what they needed.  Now, not only our own kids, but our tiniest guests know what to do when they are thirsty.

Kitchen Chores

When they set the table, I usually set out the adult plates and glasses they will need on the counter.  They grab their own dishes, fill all the glasses with water and add napkins (or folded up paper towels 😉 to the table.  When we are finished with dinner, they know to put their dishes by the sink,  push in their chairs and wash their hands before dashing off to play!  Once they learned the routine, it became second nature to them, most of the time ;)!

When they unload the dishwasher, they stack anything that they can’t reach on to the counter right below where it belongs.  Then, all I have to do is open the cabinet and quickly put the item away to finish the job.  Lucy (2) happily assists with the silverware and kids dishes.  I always make sure to grab anything sharp and stow that before they begin!

How do you store your kid dishes?  How does your family help you with kitchen chores?  Around here, it’s all hands on deck to keep this ship sailing smoothly!  I remember unloading the dishwasher as a kid and setting the table.  I have always remembered the silverware are set in alphabetical order – fork, knife and spoon and that the fork goes on the left because it has 4 letters like left and the knife and spoon go on the right because they have 5 letters like the word right!

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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