Our Adoption – God’s Provision & Stepping Out in Faith

If you are catching up on our adoption story, you can read about our our Adoption announcement here and the  first installment of our story here.

Vocalizing Our Adoption Desire

Last we left off, Scott and I were spending a lot of time praying about adoption.  I was trying my best to keep my mouth shut and let God work out the details. In April 2017, we had our couples small group over for our weekly Thursday night meeting.  When we went around the room to share prayer requests, I looked at Scott willing him to share about adoption but instead he said, we have an unspoken prayer request.

I wish I could have captured my face and our group’s face in that moment.  They all looked at us curiously and my eyes might have ended up in the back of my head but Scott was just not ready to vocalize it yet and so I knew, despite my frustration at the seemingly never ending wait, I had to be patient.

Asking for even an undisclosed prayer was progress.

Week after week our group joked with us about our unspoken prayer request. We did life with these people and they knew something was up.  I am an open book so it took everything in me to not share my heart but I wanted to respect Scott and his heart needed some time.  Finally, one Thursday night, he was ready to share and he looked at me to do the honors.  My heart beat out of my chest vocalizing the words to our small group that we were praying about adoption.

Of course, they needed more information because we had told them our family was complete after Lucy so we rambled on as they asked questions, we didn’t really have answers for!  Around that same time, we shared with my best friend and a few close family members as well so I was thankful to process through my fears and feelings with others.  I do my best processing with my mouth ;)!

After we shared, we continued to pray.


God’s Provision

Over and over again whenever we talked about it, Scott’s main concern was the cost of International adoption and the cost of caring for another child with the possibility of special needs. Some asked us why we didn’t foster to adopt (which is free) or try domestic adoption but our heart has always been in China.

So, we prayed specifically for God to show us how we would be able to afford it.  I didn’t work outside the home and although we saved some monthly, it would be really hard to do without dipping into long-term savings which Scott was unsettled about doing and to be honest so was I!

While praying, I wracked my brain and searched Pinterest trying to think of all the different ways we could make enough money to cover the estimated $35,000 cost!  I had lots of ideas but of course God had other plans that could only be orchestrated by Him and show us that He would provide.

So, we should not have been surprised when Scott got an interesting text on a random week day in June (2017).  A friend and former colleague asked him if he would be interested in a new job at a different firm.  Scott had worked at the same company since he graduated and had no intentions of looking anywhere else but he jokingly texted back if the price is right. 

One thing led to another and he ended up setting up an interview with the company, more out of curiosity, than anything else.  Meanwhile, another former co-worker and friend reached out the same week asking if he would like to come work for his company.  Not one but two new job opportunities, seemingly out of nowhere, in one week’s time.  He had gotten opportunities in the past but nothing worth investigating and never two in the same week.

Was it just a weird coincidence?

We started to wonder if God was up to something.  He ended up interviewing with both companies and the first one asked what would motivate him to come so Scott gave them a number that he thought was crazy and we prayed that if this was how God would provide, He would.  I also prayed that this would bolster Scott’s confidence that God would provide for us if we stepped out in obedience.


Stepping Out in Faith

On August 19th, 2017, the day of my 34th birthday Scott gave me a little bag filled with tissue paper.  I was cautiously optimistic that it might be the one thing I asked for my birthday, a confirmation that we could step out in faith and say yes to adoption.  A big birthday request but when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, that was it!

So, as I took out the tissue and saw a little Chinese flag, I knew he was saying yes to adoption!  We told the kids the news and they were all excited. They couldn’t wait for another sibling.  My heart started to beat a mile a minute and to Scott’s surprise I didn’t cry. I  was in shock.  After years of praying, we were finally stepping out in faith.  The moment was quite surreal much like the emotion you feel on your wedding day.  It was happening.

On September 25, 2017 – just a month after we stepped out in faith and said yes to adoption, Scott started his new job.  He accepted and signed that crazy offer he had submitted to them.  Both of us humbled at how God provided for our family as we stepped out in faith, with trembling feet and hearts racing, as we embarked on bringing home our child.

It’s not the story we would have written or the way we thought the finances would work out but God always works out the details according to His perfect plan!  Now, it was finally time for the next step and officially start the adoption process.


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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