Australia Day 10

Day 10 started with dropping Grace off at school and then rearraging plans (since our bike tour could not go out that day) and Josh lovingly agreed to pick up Grace SO Lance and Raquel could join us on our downtown trip.  We were so happy they could – thanks JOSH!  We rode the train to the Harbor Bridge and then walked across it.  It offered stunning views of the harbor and we saw bunches of bridge climbers (I don’t feel like I missed out because I didn’t climb it)….
What many people don’t realize is that Sydney is a young city with Australia just being over 100 years old…This bridge was completed in the 1930’s.  There was much political dispute over it but they finally completed it and it now stands as the longest steel bridge in the world…we visited the bridge pylon visitor’s center for spectacular views and a great history lesson on the bridge!
Solon, Lance, and Raquel stayed below while we traveled up the steps to the top…
After the bridge walk, it started to sprinkle – perfect timing for fish and chips at The Rocks Cafe!  It was delicious!
Solon and Lance shared a delicious iced chocolate – we were on vacation of course!
Brother and sister – do you see the resemblance?
After lunch, the sun came back out in time for us to discover “the rocks”.  This area was where the petty criminals from England were left…yes Australia’s beginnings are interesting.  They shipped criminals that were not horrible but just kind of annoying to society to live in Australia.  It was up to them to make the place work out.  Many of the criminals were pardoned after successfully helping the colony.  There are still some original buildings.
Then we walked through Circular Quay (the ferry docks) and around to the Opera House.
It was so surreal seeing it in real life…Sydney is one lucky city to have the bridge and opera house on the harbor….
Our little “tourist”…
love this woman – BEST hostess EVER!!
“Touching” the opera house tiles – it is actually an off-white tile that is grouted on the roof – from a distance it looks white and metal…

The inside of the opera house…
By this point the kiddos were getting tired and it was ready to get going! Another fantastic day in Sydney!  That night we went to a wonderful local place that served family style portugese chicken and the works.  It was awesome – I hope we can find a place to eat that food here…
**Note sorry this is taking FOREVER – something keeps coming up in our lives but I promise our Australia trip will be concluded this week – as there is a lot going on that I need to blog about!!!

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